June 2016 ITC Roving Reporter of the Month

june 2016 itc roving reporter

Our Roving Reporters were on the ball again last month. We could not run In the Cove without you – keep up the good work. You have eyes all over Lane Cove!!!

Announcing our June Roving Reporter of the Month is: Gordon Ogborne

In June, Gordon contacted us with this breaking news, and sent some photos too:

This just happened on Tambourine Bay Rd near Fox St. A driver obviously impatient and used to driving in the middle of the road forced this poor trick driver to swerve to avoid a collision but in doing so literally had the roof of his truck ripped off. The driver of the red hatch back did not stop but drove off fleeing the scene not stopping to see if the driver of the truck was OK. I would suggest to council that tree needs to be cut down as it now leans quite substantially over the road and would have to be a significant danger to all traffic using Tambourine Bay Rd

TBR Tree and Truck TBR Tree and Truck

We really hope the driver took out Insurance with their rental….

Our winning Roving Reporter receives a $50 voucher to a Lane Cove business listed in our business directory.

Our winner in May 2016, Matilda, chose a voucher from Bliss Hair & Body. Here she is pictured with Kimberly from Bliss.

matilda at Bliss may winner
Kimberly (Bliss) and Matilda

Please PM us your details and let us know the name of your favourite business in our Business Directory.

Keep up the good work roving reporters we truly appreciate it.

Do you want to be our Roving Reporter for July?  All you need to do is tell us about:

  • any Lane Cove accidents or traffic jams;
  • power/water outages;
  • crime incidents;
  • a Lane Cove first;
  • a Lane Cove community initiative;
  • a Lane Cove invention;
  • a colourful or interesting Lane Cove resident;
  • sport in Lane Cove;
  • local issues that impact Lane Cove residents;
  • issues they are having with the Lane Cove Council;
  • new Development Applications; or
  • new businesses in Lane Cove.

Entering our roving reporter competition is a game of skill not chance and all entries must be received by close of business of the penultimate day of the month.

Do you have a question about Lane Cove you are dying to have answered? Please send us an email at [email protected]

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