Brunching at Cafe Geo in Lane Cove North

Brunch is ITC’s favourite meal of the day. ITC is very very picky about how her eggs should be cooked and Miss ITC insists on Volcano eggs (eggs that ooze when you cut into the yolk). ITC is always on the search for new brunch places in Lane Cove. We were a bit excited when we were told that Cafe Geo, in Lane Cove North, has started serving breakfast Tuesday to Sundays. Cafe Geo is a Hidden Gem, it is located on Mowbray Road (behind The Mowbray Road Cellars).

cafe geo

We have previously eaten at Cafe Geo,at night when they specialise in pizza and pasta. During the day, the cafe is run by Monica. Monica and Head Chef “H” have put together a great breakfast menu.

Cafe Geo has its own coffee blend and also makes amazing milkshakes.

cafe geo

geo milkshake

Mr ITC had the Geo’s Little Gem that includes Potato Gems (who does not like Potato Gems). Unfortunately, this dish was so popular that they ran out of Gems but substituted Haloumi.
Cafe Geo Gem

I had Geo’s Morning Glory. This comes with Zatar Bread (one of Geo’s specialties) and an amazing tasting Mediterranean sausage and Haloumi. The servings are huge. In fact, I did not eat again until dinner (this could be a personal best). If anything the servings might be too big (but who is going to get upset about that!).

Cafe Geo morning glory

A Roving Reporter also had breakfast at Café Geo on the same day (but a bit earlier in the morning when Gems where still available). Her husband had the Geo Gone Fishing. This dish is pesto, capers, avocado, smoked salmon and eggs. It looks amazing.

Geo Gone Fishing

Speaking of Avocados, did you know there is an Avo shortage in New Zealand? Yes, the shortage is so bad, it has lead to a crime spree. NZ Avocado marketing manager Bevan Jelley said the thefts were large-scale and brazen.  “We have reports of people driving utes into orchards and filling up the entire back tray,” he told Fairfax Media in New Zealand. We don’t think this has happened in Australia yet. However we have digressed from the main game.

We did tell you the portions sizes were huge – look at this bacon and egg breakfast plate.

Bacon and Eggs

ITC highly recommends that you go along and try out Cafe Geo’s breakfast. Tell us what you think of it.

Contact Details
Address: 703 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066 (located behind The Mowbray Road Cellars). Parking at the back.
Phone: 02 9418 7711
Facebook: Cafe Geo
Instagram: Cafe Geo


cafe geo

ITC paid for their meal. This is not a sponsored blog. 

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