Lane Cove Week in Review – 25 to 31 July 2016

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Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review, for 25 to 31 July 2016

The Great Plate Debate

ITC recently had brunch at Cafe Geo in Lane Cove North, and we blogged about it HERE. Well, this blog caused quite a stir, with many of you commenting about your dislike of being served meals on wooden boards as opposed to plates. What say you – food on wooden boards, yay or nay?!

cafe geo breakfast

Nick is Back

Much excitement this week, as Nick (who used to own Aristocrat Cafe) is back from overseas and has taken over Sircus Cafe with his business partner and chef Kevin. They have new coffee, from Di Lorenzo. A new menu and renovations coming soon!

di lorenzo sircus

Reuniting the Lost Pets of Lane Cove

ITC earned a new personal best during the week, when we reunited cutie lost dog Lola within 12 minutes of her being reported missing – that’s how amazing the power of local community can be!

lola dog

Exotic Visitors to Longueville

During the week we have an email from a local, with news of some special visitors.

Whilst chatting with 2 sulphur crested cockatoos recently on my deck at Longueville, we were joined by their visiting relatives from New Guinea. Blue eyed cockatoos are extremely rare in their natural habitat let alone in Longueville!

Led me to think they may have escaped captivity somewhere a little closer than just slightly south of the Equator.

Blue eyed cockatoo

Jazz at the Lane Cove Bowling Club

Live music came to the Lane Cove Bowling on Wednesday evening, with their first jazz night, featuring Delta Jazz. One club member who attended the evening sent us this photo, and said it was a great night.

delta jazz

Poor Parking of the Week

Thanks to a regular Roving Reporter for this photo taken in the Coles car park. Talk about inconsiderate!

bad parking coles

Footpath Flooding

On Thursday a Roving Reporter sent is this picture and said “Here’s what’s going on in Johnston Crescent with the new footpath building…  Sydney Water due out “soon”. Looks like The eastern end of Johnston Crescent may well be without water til fixed… “.

Fingers crossed the water was sorted before bath time!

water leak Johnston Cres

Stop Press

All of a sudden, mid-week, The Junction appeared in the plaza.

the junction

The rumoured deli, also coming to the plaza, now seems like it will be less deli and more American Cafe/Restaurant, Artisan Brooklyn. Bring it.

Artisan Brooklyn

Crime Report

This week’s North Shore LAC Crime Report:-

Break and Enters in the local area this week

* Best Street, LANE COVE
Between 6:30pm on Saturday 23rd July and 9:00am on Sunday 24th July

* Lynvale Close, LANE COVE NORTH
Between 8:30am and 3:30pm on Thursday 21st July

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