More Egging Incidents in Lane Cove


In May this year we reported a disturbing incident where two pedestrians were attacked with eggs in Lane Cove.

Today we received another report about an egging and this time, it resulted in property damage.  This is not acceptable.  We were advised that the following incident took place in Sutherland Street Lane Cove.

We live in Sutherland Lane Cove. The perpetrators threw two eggs through our front window and smashed the window. We called the police and my husband and son found an empty egg carton in the middle of the street. It has happened before so whoever is doing it has been active for a while. Last time it was just at the front door. We need to work to catch these guys. They must be on foot as it did not hear anything to warn me as I was in the same room or it could be someone on their own.

If you have been the victim of egg throwing please report it to the police.  If the police are informed they can identify hot spots and hopefully undertake patrols. We also recommend you clean up the eggy mess as soon as possible.  Egg whites contain a substance that harms paint (particularly car paint).

We also suggest that if you have teenagers you remind them that egging is a criminal offence. Teenagers have to understand that egging is known as malicious damage, which is a criminal offence. If people are arrested and charged for the offence … they could face up to two years in prison.The consequences of a conviction can be serious depending upon what your teenager wants to do for a living. Some jobs require no criminal convictions and a conviction for malicious damage might jeopardise a teenager’s job prospects or make it difficult to obtain visas for overseas travel.

We only mention teenagers,as last time we raised this issue,we received photos taken by an egging victim, and the perpetrators were youths (driving expensive cars)  As parents responsible for a minor teenager, you may be held liable for the damage if your teenager is found to have engaged in egging.  This type of behaviour also does tend to increase during school holidays.

Have you been the victim of egging?  Let us know.

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