Changes to Bus Services 254 and 252

Tomorrow In the Cove will be meeting with Transport for NSW to ascertain the steps they have taken to improve Lane Cove’s public transport.

Unfortunately, they have already announced changes to routes 254 and 252. These changes will take place on 5 September 2016. ITC is not convinced these changes will improve local services. The changes have been made to reduce the number of buses in the CBD.

Transport for NSW has announced the following:

“From 5 September some services in the Northbridge and Castlecrag areas, as well as some routes that operate via Epping Road, Lane Cove and the Pacific Highway which previously travelled into the CBD will run to North Sydney or McMahons Point only,” said a Transport for NSW spokesperson.

“Customers who want to travel on to the CBD can transfer to either a bus, train or ferry to continue their journey, taking advantage of the new Opal transfer discount, which also kicks off on 5 September.

“The services identified cross the Harbour Bridge during the critical peak period with relatively few customers on board.

“These changes will help to reduce congestion in the CBD with 11 fewer buses entering between 8am and 9am each morning, and nine fewer buses departing between 5pm and 6pm each evening.

“This will also allow us to improve the reliability of services and make better use of our capacity by increasing the frequency of services where they are needed.

“Opal card customers who do change between different transport modes within 60 minutes, for example from a bus to a train, will benefit from the new $2 transfer discount for Adults, and $1 for Child/Youth, Gold and Concession card customers.

“Customers with an Opal card transferring to another bus within 60 minutes won’t be eligible for the transfer discount, however, they will be charged only one fare based on the distance travelled.”

As part of these changes there will be timetable improvements for customers travelling towards Lane Cove West along Burns Bay Road, with customers better able to use any Epping Road service then transfer at the Lane Cove Interchange for services to and from Lane Cove West.

Changes to bus services

In summary:

  • Route 252 – Lane Cove West (Cope Street) to the CBD – will only run to and from North Sydney during weekday peak hours. At other times, services will continue to the city. There will also be extra trips between North Sydney and Lane Cove West during the morning and afternoon shoulder peak periods.  (new timetable here)
  • Route 254 – will STOP travelling to the city. It will only operate between Riverview and McMahons Point all day. (new timetable here)

Is this an improvement?  Passengers who use the 252 will now have to finish their journey into the city by train or ferry.  At least they will not be charged for both services.

We will let you know about our meeting with Transport for NSW as soon as possible.

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