Review of Bus Services in Lane Cove – The Outcomes

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At the request of In the Cove readers, ITC lobbied our local member Anthony Roberts to improve bus services in Lane Cove. This resulted in Anthony Robert and members of Transport for NSW coming to Lane Cove and catching the packed 251 to the Lane Cove Interchange. During this journey, Transport for NSW reps spoke to passengers to get their feedback about the services.

Last week, In the Cove, met with Transport for NSW and the Minister for Transport’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer at Parliament House. They outlined the results of their review.

Issues impacting Lane Cove Buses

The issues arising from the review were noted as follows:

  • There was customer demand for increased services to North Sydney and Sydney CBD;
  • The continuing development of apartments in Lane Cove (and in particular Mowbray Road, Centennial Avenue and Linely Point) has put pressure on the Lane Cove Bus System.

These issues need to be looked at in the context of the following:

  • It’s Transport for NSW policy that there will be no additional peak hour buses in the CBD;
  • This may be reviewed after the light rail project in George Street is finished;
  • The completion of the Sydney Metro Northwest will mean that there may be fewer buses coming into the CBD via the M2 as people take the train to work.  This may result in more buses being allocated to the Lane Cove Interchange.
  • In 2024 the Crows Nest Train Station will come on board.

Transport for NSW also made the point that they feel the Lane Cove Interchange is working well with the average wait up to 5 minutes (max 11 minutes wait).

Mowbray Road Bus to Go Via Interchange

Short Term Implementation Plans

They advised that the following short-term steps will or have  been implemented:

  • As a result of their review, they acknowledge that services between the Lane Cove Interchange and Lane Cove West have to be improved. If they are improved this might encourage people to take another bus from the city and change at the Lane Cove Interchange. There will be 2 additional AM peak 252 services Lane Cove West to North Sydney and 3 additional PM peak 252 services from North Sydney to Lane Cove West. They have promised improved timetables to better connect PM services into Lane Cove West. This means that Lane Cove West customers can catch routes 251/253/288/289/292 to the Lane Cove Interchange. Customers can catch Routes 251/252 and a new 530/536 to Lane Cove West. There are more services in the PM, as this was requested by Lane Cove residents who find there are delays in leaving the city.
  • Certain Lane Cove Buses that travel to the city will now stop at North Sydney.  They want you to take the train the rest of the way to work.  This is a strategy the government has had in place for a while to make you multi modal (ie use bus and train)

    In summary from 5 September 2016:

    • Route 252 – Lane Cove West (Cope Street) to the CBD – will only run to and from North Sydney during weekday peak hours. At other times, services will continue to the city. There will also be extra trips between North Sydney and Lane Cove West during the morning and afternoon shoulder peak periods.  (new timetable here)
    • Route 254 – will STOP travelling to the city. It will only operate between Riverview and McMahons Point all day. (new timetable here)
    • There will also be minor timetable changes for the following services: 251, 252, 253, 261,265, 269, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 292, 293, 294 and 297.

  • New Route 530 will commence by June 2017. New Route 530 will operate between Chatswood and Burwood via Lane Cove, Linley Point, Hunters Hill, Drummoyne and Five Dock. This is a new direct link between the lower north shore and the inner west. This will result in additional service frequency in Linley Point and Lane Cove West to the Lane Cove Interchange.  This is an olive branch to the people of Lane Cove as they will not put on more 251 services.
  • New Route 289 was introduced on 6 June 2016 linking Mowbray Road with the Lane Cove Interchange and the city during peak periods. This service has been monitored and has good passenger numbers.

    Lane Cove west Sept 2016 flyer

Implementation Dates

New Route 289 – in place

Changes to 252/254  – 5 September 2016  and improved spacings at Lane Cove Interchange

New Route 530 and further improved spacings at Lane Cove Interchange by June 2917.

The above is not necessarily what ITC had hoped for when we lobbied for the review. Of course, the ideal result would have been more 251 services and more services along Mowbray Road. However, we do recognise that Transport for NSW is trying to give Lane Cove residents more options from the city.

What do you think? Are the above a step in the right direction? ITC would like to thank everyone who provided feedback that enabled ITC to mount a case for the above review.

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