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The Lane Cove Fun Run is a new and exciting event.  It is a great opportunity to have fun with the family and meet other Lane Cove locals.  The countdown is on as we head towards an exciting time of year again…….celebrating Father’s Day and one of our local Lane Cove AFL celebrity Dads will be no exception.

Jude Bolton will be sharing his day with another special family member’s birthday celebration which means participation in the Lane Cove Fun Run will have to wait until 2017!

But…. as a way to contribute to the anticipation and wave of excitement about this inaugural community Fun Run event, Jude and Lynette have kindly given us precious pre-event time to share their thoughts on topics such as: fitness, fun, running, energy boosters and wellbeing that might inspire, encourage and motivate the families of Lane Cove to come out early on Father’ s Day register, online and join the inaugural community Fun Run.

Lane Cove fun run

When was the first time you ever joined a community fun run (if ever?)

JB:  I ran in a fun run in Centennial Park almost 10 years ago for a charity day.

LCB: I never thought there was anything fun about running until recently haha I have taken part in the MS 9km run and Jude and I were both involved as ambassadors for HCF at this year’s Mothers Day Classic

What role model/s did you have as young children that were into fitness and enjoying the outdoors?

JB: My parents were always very active but in terms of role models my two older brothers were playing a lot of competitive sport. This meant that I grew up in an environment where we were always outside running and playing any game that involved a bat, a ball or a club.

LCB: My parents were also always into sport and outdoor activities. I remember my mum going for runs and Dad was also always running, playing tennis or playing squash.

Which of you is the more motivated when it comes to getting involved with community events, eg Lane Cove Street Fair, Cameraygal Festival or the up and coming Community Fun Run on the 4th of September?

JB: I think we are both passionate about getting involved in local events and supporting our community. Lynette grew up in Lane Cove and many of the family still live here.

LCB: We both love living in Lane Cove and love the community atmosphere. I have lived here since I was in year two and all of my family are still in the area. Its such a fabulous spot to live and bring up kids and we love all the incredible community events that are put on. Our little ones were at the Lane Cove Plaza dance party the other night – how fab is that??

How do you keep your energy levels up and create a good start to the day with a young family?

JB: Coffee…. And lots of it! Ha. We both try to be active, whether that’s the gym/ walking the dog/ Pilates and we try to eat well most of the time. I think besides keeping you energised it keeps you sane!

LCB: Haha yes coffee! I also do twice daily meditations which provides me with a lot of the energy I need to get through the day. And definitely we try and get out and get the blood pumping in some form every day

What would you say to someone who was yet undecided about whether to sign up for the inaugural community Fun Run to inspire them to step out and get involved?

JB: Don’t miss the opportunity to run and be a part of this great day. Bring the family. You don’t have to be the fastest runner – it’s all about being active and healthy. Crossing the finish line will put a big smile on your face!

LCB: It’s such a fabulous way to get the whole family together for Fathers Day. And after the run you will have well and truly earned a celebratory Fathers Day breakfast!

How has your successful AFL career provided you with opportunities to help build stronger community ties?

JB: I think having been involved in football a long time you certainly get the chance to visit many of the schools and sporting clubs in the area. I was lucky enough to be down at the opening of the all-weather surface at Blackman Park and have also had a kick of AFL9s for Lane Cove Cats.

We are encouraging lane cove folk to dress up for the Fun Run, what colours would your kids like their pram to be decorated in, assuming red and white were your base?

JB: My girls do love pink.

LCB: Haha we would be lucky to get the girls in a pram! But yes they do love pink so probably bows on the pram and maybe a tutu for us to wear. Jude included!

When was the last time you headed to Longueville to enjoy the view of Sydney’s gorgeous harbour?

JB: Sometimes after taking the dog for a run at Kingsford Smith oval I drive with Lynette along some of the amazing streets through Longueville just to get a look at the incredible view. It’s a reminder how lucky we all are to live in an area in such close proximity to this iconic harbour.

LCB: It’s one of our favourite spots for a picnic or even just for a play on the equipment. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with such beautiful facilities.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, experiences and endorsing this new and exciting local community event and HAPPY FATHERS day Jude as you share the day with those most precious to you!  Lane Cove Fun Run Team

Lynette  has recently released a lifestyle website that you may like to check out


Who has sponsored the event?

The Lane Cove Community is very generous and the Lane Cove Public School P and C would like to thank the sponsors below:

300 x 250 Rebecca ITC

Lane Cove Fun Run 2016 sponsors

In the Cove will be there and look forward to seeing you on the day.

rowena siviour

Thanks to Guest Blogger Rowena Siviour for sharing this interview with us. Rowena is one of the wonderful volunteers helping to make the inaugural Lane Cove Community Fun Run a reality.



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