Travel Vaccinations – Do You Need a Jab?

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Located at Burns Bay Shops, on the corner of Burns Bay Road and Figtree Street, is Burns Bay Medical Centre. Not only is the practice a popular, family friendly general practice, they also have a special interest in Travel Vaccinations.  With school holidays always seeming to be on the horizon, we thought we would ask Burns Bay Medical Centre to write a guest blog about Travel Vaccinations.

Why do people have to be vaccinated to go overseas?

It is wise to be immunised when travelling overseas to protect yourself from illness that you would not otherwise be exposed or at threat of contracting in Australia. It is also important to note that in some circumstances, if you cannot provide adequate evidence of having been immunised against Yellow Fever for example, you will not be able to gain entry back into Australia without period of quarantine.

Burns Bay Medical Centre is a registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre. We can provide for all your travel vaccination requirements within the one centre.

How do they find out what vaccinations they need?

Our doctors and Registered Practice nurses are well versed on immunisations required for your travel destination/s. They can advise of pre-cautions you should take and what action to take if you think that you have been placed at risk of illness whilst overseas. It is essential that you make an appointment to see the Doctor for advice and to obtain any history to minimize risk before you are seen by the Practice Nurse, who will administer the vaccines and keep an eye on you for any adverse reactions.

How long before you leave should you receive the vaccinations?

Special note should be taken that immunisations often need a period of incubation for full immunity to be achieved. It is therefore advisable to make arrangement well advance of your trip.

Do you get any rebates from Medicare or your health fund?

Although travel vaccines are not rebate-able by Medicare, it is worth checking with your Private Health Fund to see if you are eligible on your level of cover for a rebate on medications and vaccinations.

How do you keep a record of these vaccinations?

Our Practice maintains an electronic record of your consultations and all immunisations administered at Burns Bay Medical Centre. Additionally, we can update & consolidate patient vaccination history where evidence has been provided.

Burns Bay Medical Centre is also a registered eHealth Practice and proactive in assisting you registering with MyHealth formerly known as the PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record). Patients registered with MyHealth are able to access their own personal electronic vaccination and medical history from anywhere in Australia.

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Address: 175 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 9427 4855

Burns Bay Medical Centre now has extended hours on Tuesday night. You can also easily book online (which you can do now rather than waiting to book during business hours)



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