The Jobs/Tasks that Lane Cove Outsources


Over the last couple of months In the Cove has been monitoring websites such as Airtasker, Craig’s List, Gumtree etc to ascertain the type of tasks outsourced by Lane Cove residents. By far the most popular outsourced jobs are cleaning jobs, furniture moving jobs or delivering flyers. Many people ask ITC likers for recommendations. The three most popular recommendation requests are for cleaning, gardening and removalists.

However, it is not all cleaning and moving jobs that are posted. Here are just some of the micro tasks outsourced on Airtakser in recent months (and some of them will give you a little chuckle):

  • Construct a Paper Mache Diorama of the Three Sisters for a child’s homework assignment;
  • Return a Hire Car;
  • Cook Healthy Meals in Large Batches;
  • Drive a Car towing a Speed Boat up to Noosa;
  • Assemble IKEA furniture (a job that everybody should outsource unless they have an engineering degree);
  • Assemble a BBQ (another job that is not for the faint hearted);
  • Fix up a word document (or you could use a virtual assistant like Clout Virtual Assistants); and
  • Test an App.

Of course, if you do need a handyman we do have some listed in our Business Directory.

What jobs do you outsource?  What platforms do you use (Airtasker, Freelancer etc..)?

And now for something completely different….. To keep up to date on all things Lane Cove we subscribe to Google Alerts. We regularly see alerts from Craig’s List. It appears some Lane Cove residents are happy to advertise on Craig’s List for casual encounters (and we don’t mean come over for tea and biscuits). Who knew that type of outsourcing happened in Lane Cove???  In fact, some of the encounters take place in public areas.

If you want to know more, the North Shore Times reported about it earlier this year.

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