National Child Protection Week – Play Your Part

Lane Cove is a family friendly community. It does take a village to raise a child. On a Friday afternoon, the Lane Cove Village Plaza is packed with happy children. This week is National Child Protection Week. This year the National Protection Week theme is Stronger Communities, Safer Children. This theme emphasises the importance and value of connected communities in keeping children and young people safe and well.

A paper released this week by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, in partnership with NAPCAN, showcases existing evidence that stronger communities are fundamental to preventing child abuse and neglect.

Our communities are better when there is a sense of belonging, where people know and acknowledge each other and where families are supported. There are long-term benefits when you volunteer* in your local community or connect with other families.

Last year there were a few incidents reported of Lane Cove children being followed after school and also another incident earlier this year in Hunters Hill. At that time we published a blog called Safe People Safe Places – Time To Talk about Stranger Danger.

Here are some tips from NAPCAN on how you can play your part to ensure the safety of Lane Cove Children.

Get to know your neighbours. If everyone in the neighbourhood works together to make protecting children everyone’s business this will increase the circle of people your child knows and can learn from which increases their safety.  Hold a street party (it will benefit everyone).

Encourage a healthy activity with the children and young people in your life such as a walk, fun/run, bike ride or games night. Lane Cove is certainly on the right track with this events. Last week we had the Lane Cove Fun Ride and next week is the Big Family Fun Ride.

Talk about safety with your child, about what being unsafe might look and feel like at home, in the community, online or at school. Make plans about what to do if/when they feel unsafe. Especially encourage them to talk about what makes them feel safe and who they can talk to when they have worries. Talk about respectful relationships with your child and support this being taught at their school.

Go to a parents meeting at your child’s school, talk to your child’s teacher about their development and well-being, participate in an activity at your community centre/library.

Explore the world from a child’s point of view and volunteer at your child’s school/child care or at their sports activity. Be a positive role model. Children and young people learn from the people that they spend time with, so make your influence positive.

Let your friend, child, or family member know you’re there for them. Ask children and young people in your life what activities they like doing and enjoy it with them.

If you see abuse or possible abuse don’t be afraid to report it. You can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

* If you are interested in volunteering the Lane Cove & Northside Community Service are looking for volunteers. They would like just an hour or two of your time weekly or fortnightly.

For more information contact Carolyn on 9427 6425 or email [email protected]

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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