Gore Hill Merger – Danger Danger Danger

T2 merger

ITC hates the merger lane on the Gore Hill Freeway (when you are coming from Artarmon or Willoughby).  I do all I can to avoid it.  It seems ITC is not the only one who dislikes this merger.  On Saturday 8th October there were 2 accidents at this merger (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Why is this merger so dangerous?

There are several reasons why this merger is difficult:

  • There is only a short time to merge before you can potentially hit the wall;
  • You merge into a lane where people cannot change lanes to assist the merger.  If they change lanes they are potentially breaking the law as they change into a 24/7 T2 lane.
  • There is a blind spot so you only have a limited time to ascertain if the merge is safe;
  • If you cannot merge and stop, it is likely that the car behind you will hit you.

Take the merger with Mr ITC and see what you think.

When we asked ITC Facebook Fans if they hated the merger as much as ITC –  this is a sample of their responses:

The length of the merge is too short with no visibility for an average vehicle.

it’s hard to see if there are cars coming on your left and the merge lane is really short so you don’t have a lot of time to get into the other lane. I usually end up slowing down completely…

I’ve only had one accident (touch wood) at that merge spot..the car in front stopped dead in its tracks attempting to merge with a speeding car in the outside lane.

I agree, it is my most hated merge. It is very difficult to see what is coming down the freeway. My only relief is knowing that the freeway cars actually have a very good view of the cars waiting to merge…not that that means they will let them in….

One of the stupid things is that the T2 lane ends past the merge. Any car on the freeway with only the driver is forced into the right lane or breaks the law. If the T2 lane ended earlier they could at least get into the left lane.

If you agree and want to see some changes at this merger, contact the Roads and Maritime Services here

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