Lane Cove North House on the Market for First Time in 99 Years

A piece of Lane Cove history is now on the market after being owned by the same family for 99 years.  The property is located at 14 Gay Street Lane Cove North and is a massive 2792 sqm.  What makes this house fascinating is its history.  It was acquired 99 years ago by Henry Kingsley Guest.

Henry Guest was a North Shore person through and through.  He was raised in Chatswood, attended Chatswood Public School and become a land developer.   Henry decided to purchase bushland in Lane Cove.  No doubt he was enticed by the terms set out in the local paper.  The deposit was 3 Pounds!!!

Lane Cove North House For Sale Gay Street Lane Cove North
The original sales brochure from 1917


Lane Cove North House for Sale Gay Street
14 Gay Street Lane Cove North – Massive land area


Henry had two twin boys Oswald and Wilfred. Oswald had is his leg amputated early in life due to a bone infection, but this never deterred him from his work as an accountant and his many hobbies. The grandchildren have fond memories of his skill with tools, hand building a car to accommodate his disability and the beautiful hand-made furniture.

Oswald fell in love, and married Margret. Margret was born to a German father and English mother but unfortunately, during WWII she became an orphan. To create a future for herself she came to Australia on her own at 16 and worked as a maternity nurse until she fell in love with Oswald.

In the 1940’s, building was permitted on the Lane Cove block so Henry gave the land to his twin sons (Oswald and Wilfred) for them to build their family homes next door to each other. Both Oswald and Wilfred enjoyed living next door to each other and lived there until they passed away. They had children of similar ages who enjoyed the benefits of close family and the cousins grew up with a relationship closer to that of sisters than cousins.

When the new road was proposed it was intended to be in the family name of “Guest” but for unknown reasons was changed to Roslyn Street. This new road opened up the opportunity for Wilfred’s block to be easily sub-divided and a number of houses built. Oswald’s block did not benefit from this new street and so the original block has stayed intact as one piece. The great grandchildren are now putting this unique land package on the market.

Lane Cove North House For Sale

Check out this titles office document listing the land owners in Lane Cove North – they might be related to you.


Lane Cove North House For Sale
Subdivision Dated 1948

The great grandchildren have fond memories of visiting their grandparents at Gay Street. One of their favourite memories is walking through the backyard, jumping over Stringybark Creek to make their way up to Lane Cove Village to fetch milk and enjoy and ice-cream each. They tell stories of playing in the bush and the history of Stringybark Creek (originally named, Wilsons Creek) and how it has moved and changed course over the years.

Lane Cove North house For Sale

It is fascinating to look at the memorandum of transfer dated 1917

The house is listed with Stone Real Estate.  It will be auctioned on 26th November 2016.

You can view the house on:

01:00 PM01:30 PM Sat 5 Nov


01:00 PM01:30 PM Wed 9 Nov


01:00 PM01:30 PM Wed 2 Nov

For more information contact
Rebecca Mitchell
M: 0412 257 625
Josie Doolan
M: 0459 027 865

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