Lane Cove Week in Review – 7 to 13 Nov 2016

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Welcome to our  Weekly Review of Lane Cove for 7 to 13 November 2016.

The heat is on!!  Did anyone else find it really hot and humid this week?  Unfortunately, the rain in the earlier part of the week did impact on some of the Lane Cove Council’s river festival events.

Remembrance Day

A very moving Remembrance Day ceremony was held in the Lane Cove Plaza.  The Lane Cove RSL Sub Branch is very good at making the ceremony local.  This year featured a talk by a Lane Cove Father of two sons who are both in the armed forces (we will bring you a full transcript of the speech asap).


The Lane Cove West Primary School teachers put together a beautiful display for their Remembrance Day ceremony.  This display commemorates  the Vietnam veterans whose bodies were only returned to Australia this year.


More Traffic Incidents at the Longueville Road and River Road West Intersection

This week saw another accident at the intersection of Longueville Road and River Road West.  Again it was a case of someone being hit when a vehicle turned right into Longueville Road against a red light.  An ITC roving reporter also saw a rear end collision at this intersection on Saturday Night.   ITC was recently speaking to Ben at Porters Liquour Northwood, who told us they hear the squeal of tyres every day.


New Business Alert

This week we welcome Luna to Lane Cove.  Luna is a small women’s clothing boutique, owned by a lovely lady called Heather. Heather is also the designer of the Stitch Label clothing sold instore. The shop is hidden away, at the end of Library Place (below Library Walk).”Stitch Label specialises in Australian merino wool with the simple aim of creating luxurious wardrobe staples of high quality and durability.”


‘Tis the Season to Be Giving

The Lane Cove Council has installed a food drive bin at the entrance to Woolworths Lane Cove (just down from the escalators). They are asking you to purchase one extra non-perishable item with your grocery shopping and to donate that item to the appeal.


Screen on the Green Rescheduled

The very funny movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople was scheduled for Tuesday last week.  It was all set up and ready to go at Burns Bay Reserve and then the skies opened up and it was all over red rover.  However, the event has been rescheduled to Tuesday 22 November 2016.  Details about the event can be found here.

screen on the green

Some Good News

A Roving Reporter asked us to give a shout out to a local Lane Cove Good Samaritan:

“I would like to congratulate a young Lane Cove Good Samaritan by the name of Rachel. On that very hot day yesterday a Mum was queuing in the post office for quite some time with her very teary toddler. When she finally reached the counter she was distressed to find she had forgotten her wallet. Rachel saw how upset she was, stepped forward and promptly paid the postage on the mum’s parcels. Cheers Rachel”

Recently Delvena Women’s Refuge put a call out for new bed linen.  Thank you to those people who dropped off bed linen to Delvena.  ITC contacted Ecodownunder and asked them if they would be able to donate some bed linen to Delvena.  Thank you to Ecodownunder for responding to our request.  Not only have they agreed to donate bed linen, but they also asked Delvena if they also require towels and quilt covers.  When you are next shopping at Ecodownunder please thank them for their generosity.   By the way, ITC purchased white towels from Ecodownunder three years ago and they still look brand new (and ITC is not someone who spends time making sure that our whites are whiter than white or that Mr ITC’s workmates tell him that he looks like foreman material in those new clothes).


Crime Report

ITC has not received any reports of break and enters this week.  We have not been able to source information from the North Shore LAC for this week.

Summer Swimming


greenwich baths closed

Update On Last Week’s Article about an Accident in Lane Cove Market Square Car Park

Last week we told you about an elderly driver who was run over by her car while she was in the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park. Eye Witnesses told ITC the lady was parked near a small concrete barrier/curb. While reversing, her car hit the barrier. The lady opened her car door to see what she had hit. Unfortunately, she leaned over a bit too far and fell out of the car. The car was still in reverse and rolled over her. Ambulance and police were in attendance.

We have now been advised that the driver is still in hospital with a broken arm and leg.  One of the reasons why this accident occurred was that the driver was under pressure to stop blocking the exit due to drivers blowing their horns.  That is very unfortunate and unnecessary behaviour.  Exiting the Lane Cove Car Park can be  a very frustrating event.  But please give other drivers some slack.  We have noticed that elderly drivers, in particular, get very flustered when the boomgate will not open for them.

It appears that one driver was extremely annoyed with the boomgate, this is what the boomgate looked liked today at 5.00 pm.  A risky move as there is CCTV in the carpark.


Get Ready For Summer

Infinity Hair has a great deal for someone looking to have fab hair for the Christmas Season.  Try out their Wednesday Special.wednesday-deal-infinity

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