Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds In Lane Cove

There are approximately 3000 pets (cats and dogs) registered in the Lane Cove area at any one time. We asked the Lane Cove Council to tell us the top five dog breeds registered in Lane Cove.

So what are the top five dog breeds in Lane Cove?

Top 5 Dog Breeds Registered with the Lane Cove Council
1. Labrador Retriever
2. Golden Retriever
3. Maltese
4. Cavoodle
5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This list is consistent with the national dog registration statistics published ty the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).  However, the ANKC list does not include the cavoodle or any doodle for that matter. Unlike purebred dogs, the so-called “designer dogs” are not considered a breed in Australia.  They are not registered or recognised with the ANKC.  Lane Cove has embraced the “doodle”.  There are labradoodles, cavoodles and groodles.  Some Lane Cove dogs even have their own Instagram account.

Source: Instagram Rainbow Star Allen
Source: Instagram
Rainbow Star Allen

The first “designer dog” was the Labradoodle.  Wally Conron was the first person to breed  a Labradoodle. In 2014 Conron told The Associated Press  “I’ve created a lot of problems.”

Conron was working as the puppy-breeding manager at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia when he was asked to breed a dog for a couple where the wife had vision problems, and husband was allergic.  After a fair bit  of trial-and-error, Conron successfully bred a standard poodle with a Labrador retriever.

“We came up with the name ‘Labradoodle,'” Conron said. “We told people we had a new dog and all of sudden, people wanted this wonder dog.”   Conron is of the view that instead of  breeding out the problems, they’re breeding them in.”  Conron said he regrets opening a “Pandora’s box” and creating a “Frankenstein.”    This does not seem to have dampened people’s enthusiasm for the breed.  Their benefits such as no shedding or wet dog smell outweigh any perceived issues.

But has the Doodle has its day?  Two breeds on the rise in popularity are the Dachshund and the French Bulldog. There is even a cafe in Hunters Hill called the Dachshund Cafe.



Ginger puppy

if you have not registered your dog with the Lane Cove Council, you should do so immediately. If the dog is registered, It is easier to find the owner if the dog goes missing. Many people think their pet is registered but it’s not (by thinking that the information that is passed on to Council by the breeder at the time of purchase is the same as registering). If you move house don’t forget to update your address with the Lane Cove Council – it’s a bit like updating your licence when you move house.

Council does a very good job in returning stray animals to their owners, with very few pets being transferred to the pound. The Lane Cove Council usually achieve a positive outcome for pet owners if the owner has up to date registration details. The Council rangers would prefer to drive a dog back to a residence in Lane Cove rather than drive out to the pound at Blacktown. So check your dog is registered and the microchip can be read.  Find out more here.

If you want to find a dog trainer, groomer or your local pet shop you can look up details here.

maltese dog

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