Top 7 Lane Cove Lifestyle Trends 2017

At In the Cove, we pride ourselves on having our fingers on the pulse (while still maintaining our dagginess).  We have put together the top trends for 2017 and where you can enjoy these trends in Lane Cove.

  1. Getting Fit and Healthy – The worldwide trend of fast paced quick training is still considered the hottest exercise trend. There are several places in Lane Cove you can go for fast paced training. North Shore Gym has just introduced their Pro Fit Small Group 30 minute training. You will learn the art of deadlifting, pressing and rowing with an Olympic Bar in this strength focussed class. It also incorporates the rower, dumbbells, kettlebells & deadballs to help you become fitter and stronger than ever before!Web-Make-this-Year-Count-SearleVision Personal Training Lane Cove has just introduced Extreme Marine group training. The sessions are designed to convert you from your day job into a “fighting fit marine – boot camp style”. Time flies when you’re having fun!15776707_1506231112740000_4697957584243506808_o
  2. Martial Arts – Lane Cove Taekwondo is very popular with Lane Cove kids as a form of exercise. However, the biggest trend to emerge is parents taking up Taekwondo and they’re really enjoying it. Lane Cove Taekwondo is a fun family orientated club. Who knew the parents would enjoy it just as much as their kids?
    lane cove taekwon do
  3. The New Super Food – Stand aside Kale, the new superfood is watercress. Watercress is a dainty herb but apparently it packs a punch. Watercress is full of Vitamin K, which aids blood clotting, strong bones and heart health. It’s also high in Vitamins A and C. You can find it at Lime Leaf Fruit Market. Another trend is Korean sauces which you can buy at Mori Mart. Both retailers are located in the Coles Arcade.Untitled design (21)
  4. Lagom – What the heck is Lagom, we hear you ask? Well, last year it was hygge and now it is Lagom. Lagom is a Swedish concept where people practice the art of moderation and sustainability. Lane Cove has always been on trend with sustainability. The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group was very active in campaigning for cash refunds on cans and bottles. Last year, Lane Cove saw a surge in groups that promote sustainability like Crop Swap Sydney, Repair Café Northside, and Food Faith. One Lane Cove resident has really embraced sustainability by inventing The Swag. Upcycling is also another way of extending Lagom to your home. If you love upcycling check out Demain Reclaim. Before you throw out furniture, send a message to Demain Reclaim to see if they would like to upcycle the furniture. If you have a broken item, visit the Repair Café to see if they can fix it.demain reclaim.
  5. Being Creative – People are enjoying learning new skills like knitting, crocheting and sewing. Whenever we post images of installations made by the Lane Cove Yarn Bomber they receive huge hits and shares. Another Lane Cove local, Bronnie Zervos has founded Create with Us and they hold some amazing workshops. If you’re already a craft addict you may want to join local Bridget Kennedy in her new workshop/gallery in North Sydney. Bridget is holding weekly craft and coffee catchups. So if you work in North Sydney or you just like crafting go along and meet some fellow creatives. Bring along knitting, macramé, stitching, crochet, basket making or other yarn craft projects…and maybe a friend or two! Join like-minded people for a relaxing, lunchtime break every Wednesday between 1-2pm. Bridget Kennedy is a contemporary jewellery and installation artist, and ex-corporate. Her workshop space is located at Studio 2017, 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney. For further information call  0411 808 274.

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  6. Learn to Play an Instrument – Don’t let the kids have all the fun, learn an instrument. A recent study by researchers at the University of Montreal’s medical faculty found musicians have faster reaction times. This has some significant implications for preventing some of the effects of ageing. As people grow older their reaction times decrease. If you play a musical instrument this could help you when driving or playing sport. It might even help your golf handicap!!You can learn many instruments in Lane Cove including the piano, flute, guitar and much more. If you need help why not speak to Lane Cove Music Supplies?!
  7. Mindfulness – Mindfulness was big last year and the movement continues to grow. There are meditation classes at Soulful Fitness. You may want to try monthly restorative yoga at Yogabowl. Restorative yoga is about becoming calm, relaxing, healing and nurturing yourself. Why not really get into mindfulness with customised programmes developed by Blissfulness. At Blissfulness, they strive to help parents and children find inner peace through relaxing meditations and creative visualisations for the mind, body and spirit. They encourage you to enjoy life—breath by breath—and to live each moment in blissfulness.


    What trend will you be embracing this year?  Let us know!!

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