Meet Lane Cove’s Very Own Donald Trump

You never know when you will need a Donald Trump impersonator!  You could have a meeting with a Russian Diplomat lined up, you might be building a big wall or you might be stuck in customs.  If you need a Donald Trump impersonator we have one for you and he lives in Lane Cove and is ready to make Lane Cove Great Again.

Simon Kennedy is a Lane Cove local and a very talented comedian and he has nailed Donald Trump.  If you would like to know more about Simon Kennedy you can read our blog on his work and his tragic connection with 9/11 here.

If you would like to be your local office Donald Trump impersonator Simon Kennedy shows you how.

This is how Simon Kennedy looks by day:

Simon Kennedy Comedian

Simon has some great tips on how to nail your impersonation. Simon also has a good Tony Abbott impersonation but let’s face it, that impersonation is not going to be needed very often.  However, we think Simon has a good four years of work out of Donald Trump (we did say four years and not eight).

So try and catch one of Simon’s gigs.  You can find out where he will be performing on his Facebook Page

Simon’s friends also have a good sense of humour – looked what one of them left on his doorstep.  So if you like FAKE news and a FAKE Donald Trump you will love Simon’s impersonation.

make america great

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