Lane Cove Week in Review – 13 to 19 Mar 2017

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Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 13 to 19 March 2017.

It has been a big week in Lane Cove with heavy traffic, traffic issues, bingles, blackouts, telstra issues and some great community spirit.

Council Meeting Re: Proposed Traffic Changes

This week the Lane Cove Council met with Local Residents to talk about the proposed traffic changes to Lane Cove Village.  It’s not too late for you to express your views on traffic changes.  Fill out the online traffic survey here.

This was one resident’s view on the information evening.

Lane Cove Council seem rattled! So says our roving reported who attended last night’s ‘Information night’ regarding the proposed road changes in the village. They went on, …following a lack lustre presentation by a Council employee who essentially read the already well circulated slides, we moved on to the Q&A part of the evening He did make reference to options 5 and 5b which were revised yesterday following an annoucement that Council and their consultant had published some significantly incorrect calculations underestimating the amount of green space to be removed (113sqm has now become 403sqm in 5b). Unfortunatelythe Q&A was all questions with very few answers and the noticeably concerned audience of around 100 locals were left wanting. Everyone while very respectful was firm in their suggestion that this proposal doesn’t appear to have been handled very well. Many of the alternative ideas from the audience on the night had merit and some were even applauded. One suggestion said perhaps leave the trees and leave the parking but make Finlayson and Birdwood a one way circuit. But Council’s response to practically everything was to add nothing in response and simply say over and over again “Well that may have some merit, so make sure you add that to your submission”. So little was really gained last night except perhaps for a clear and heightened frustration with LCC with regard to this proposal. Confirmation was given that the lights at Coxs Lane and Epping Road could have a significant bearing on whether the Rosenthal Car Park Development can proceed in its current form. The knock on effect to putting in these lights suggest this then triggers the requirement from RMS to widen the roads nearby. If the right turn and lights at Coxs Lane onto Epping Road is so integral to all of this, then why is Council currently saying that this part of the plan is optional and ‘long term’? Clearly Council have underestimated the numbers of concerned residents who do not want rat runs, buses and heavy goods vehicles coming through what is currently a highly residential area of their own creation. With hundreds more apartments now under construction, they know they’re perhaps running out of time. Clearly the road infrastructure in the village does need to be addressed, but why Council did not effect this before allowing so many developments to be built is perhaps a real concern. Words like ‘Cart’ and ‘Horse’ very much come to mind.


Over 3600 Lane Cove, Lane Cove North, Longueville, Northwood and Lane Cove West houses were plunged into darkness on Thursday Night and Friday Night.  Some residents have complained that this is the 5th blackout they have had this year.  ITC is on the case and we have asked Ausgrid for an explanation.  Apparently, Chargrill Charlies was packed on Thursday night (maybe because they heard that Justin Bieber was spotted at Chargrill Charlies Mosman enjoying their food).  Parts of Lane Cove this week also experienced Foxtel and Telstra broadband outages.

Gunshot Sounds

Riverview residents were jolted awake on early Sunday morning by the sounds of large bangs.  Many said it sounded like gun shots.  Other residents witnessed fireworks and one roving reporter told us they saw some kids letting off fireworks and gave them a bollocking.

Gold Coast Bears

Are you ready for the North Sydney Bears to come back as the Gold Coast Bears? There is a Lane Cove connection. According to the Daily Telegraph, the club would be funded by four licensed clubs — North Sydney Leagues, Seagulls at Tweed Heads, The Greens (North Sydney Bowling Club) and The Lane Cove Club.

Community Minded Lane Cove Residents

This week saw many Lane Cove residents take part in two big fundraising events – Coastrek and The World’s Greatest Shave.  Well done to all of those who participated. A big shout out to Kayscha Corcoran and her gorgeous daughter Ciara who raised almost $12,000 to help make a positive difference to those on their leukemia/blood cancer journey. They would like to thank Danae of Danae Hair Gallery on Longueville Rd for looking after them. You can still donate here.


Here is one of the Lane Cove Coastrek team in action.  Post a pic to our FB page if you were one of the brave teams to walk in the wind and rain to raise money.

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Crime and Incident Report

The NSW Police Local Area Command North Shore did not report any Lane Cove crime this week.  However, due to the wet conditions, there were plenty of bingles this week on the Lane Cove Roads.

Lane Cove crashes

Bake Your Neighbour a Cake

This week ITC launched Bake Your Neighbour A Cake for Neighbour Day on Sunday 27th March.  Bake a cake for your neighbour and post to our FB or Instagram Pages and you can win a Lane Cove Pack.  If you would like to know about the Neighbour Day activities, you can find out more here.



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