5 Health Enthusiasts You Should Follow on Instagram

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Body Fusion’s Instagram account is filled with great recipes and nutrition ideas. Body Fusion is also ITC’s diet and nutrition blogger and we have some of their amazing recipes on our site: for example Salmon and Sweet Potato Quinoa
Salmon, sweet potato & quinoa patties


If you want to see a fit looking woman, look no further that TP the PT. Therese Potma is a personal trainer at Her clients rave about her. Her Instagram is full of workout tips and she dead-lifts some mean groceries.
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Magdalena – Mums Going Strong

Magdalena is the poster mum for mums getting fit after having a baby. Her mission in life is to help mums recover from prolapse, and pelvic floor issues. She has group classes and fitness challenges.
Magdalena offers advice such as:

Mums please note that #plank is an advanced core exercise and is not something you should do when you are returning to training post-birth. Even plank on your knees might be too much for you if you have abdominal separation and/or weak pelvic floor. Instead of planks you can start with a bird-dog and then progress. I know many people think this is an easy exercise, however if done correctly it can be quite challenging. Don’t rush, make sure your TA is engaged through the movement and keep your body still (imagine you have full wine glasses on your shoulders and lower back, you do not want to spill the wine ? ?). .

Love CB

Love CB is the brainchild of Lynette Bolton. Lynette’s website is about mindful parenting. She is a great believer in meditation and yoga. On her website, you can download some free guided meditations for kids.
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The Wholesome Athlete

ITC loves the wholesome athlete page as she always has a smile on her face and great shots of food. Below is one of her go-to breakfast bowls. Read our feature on The Wholesome Athlete here.
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To make this breakfast, you have to soak the chia seeds overnight in coconut milk and vanilla extract. You can easily make a blend of your own grains/pseudo grains for a porridge. I have used brown rice flakes, quinoa flakes, linseed and puffed miller. Cook in almond milk, grated apples and cinnamon powder. Serve with some rice malt syrup, walnuts and fresh apples.

Do you have a favourite local Instagrammer you follower for health advice? Comment below we would love to know about them.

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