Lane Cove Week in Review – 20 to 26 Mar 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 20 to 26 March 2017.

It has been a neighbourly week this week with some Lane Cove locals celebrating Neighbour Day. On the other hand, it has also been a week where ITC has been advised of minor break-ins.

Neighbour Day

Lane Cove RotaryLane Cove Community Chaplaincy and Food Faith put on a family fun day at Hughes Park. Hughes Park is Lane Cove’s newest park.

neighbour day

RMS Does a U Turn

You may have been aware of ITC campaign to make the Gore Hill  Merger safer by ending the T2 Lane on the Gore Hill Freeway at a safer place. ITC (and ITC followers) wrote to the RMS and complained about the Gore Hill/Artarmon merge. In the first instance, the RMS advised their accident data did not reveal any issues with the merger (ironically on the same day ITC was sent photos of two different accidents at the merger). ITC pointed out that the End T2 Lane forced people into the right-hand lane which added to the merger’s degree of difficulty. RMS initial response was that there was not a T2 lane near the merge. ITC managed to persuade them that this was not the case. The End T2 Merge was relocated to before the merge and the shrubbery around the merger has been trimmed. Now it is back to its original position. WHY????  Please contact the RMS via this link to complain about their U-Turn.

More Branches Coming Down

Due to the wet and windy weather, more gum tree branches came down. A massive gum tree branch fell across River Road West blocking one side of the road.


Crime and Incident Report

This week there has been a spate of minor crimes, with break-ins to cars/work utes in Lane Cove North. We were advised of two incidents where tools were stolen from work utes.

There was an attempted break-in on Hinkler Crescent (Lane Cove North). The thief tried to get in via the back door and downstairs and had a car waiting for him out front.

Remember to lock all doors.

On Friday night the police and two fire trucks were at Burns Bay Road Shell Service Station – all access to the servo was blocked off. We have yet to find out why.


A reminder for everyone who parks in Lane Cove to check before opening their car door. On Saturday morning a cyclist was hit by a car door outside Coles. Luckily the cyclist wasn’t seriously hurt, but his bike was damaged and if a car had have been driving in the lane behind him, he could have been hit.

School Holidays

School Holidays are just a few weeks away and we have some ideas for you to keep those young ones occupied. Read our blog here – there is something for every child.

School Holiday guide image

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