Why Blocked Drains are the 51st Shade of Grey!!

blocked drains

Ever had an issue with Blocked Drains? Local saviours, Service Heroes have unblocked many a drain in their time, and have plenty to share on this stinky issue and why you should deal with a blocked drain as soon as you become aware they are blocked

Blocked Drains – Why You Should Deal With Them Now!!

Almost every homeowner has experienced that feeling of extreme annoyance when they go to pour some water down their drains and see it start to pool; meaning that the drain is blocked and you are now going to have to unblock it. But, blocked drains are more than just a major annoyance, they can actually be pretty bad if not attended to. Now, we know most people probably wouldn’t just leave a blocked drain to sit there and fester, but believe it or not, some people do. Especially if the blocked drain in question is out of the way and not used often; it can be really easy for a person to just keep putting it off for another day. As tempting as it is to not deal with a blocked drain, you really should deal with them quickly, because if they aren’t dealt with quickly, they can result in a whole host of different issues. If you are curious about what sorts of issues a blocked drain can lead to, here are just a few of the bigger ones.



Yes, believe it or not blocked drains, can become a breeding ground for insects. The water gets stuck, which then attracts insects like mosquitoes (which in turn, bring all the negative effects associated with them). Also, a persistent issue is drain flies, those little hairy, moth-looking flies that love to infest pipes. Drain flies are attracted to water and love to breed in it, so if you aren’t keeping your drains clear, you are basically ringing the dinner bell for them. Once, they get into the drains, it is really time-consuming to get rid of drain flies. So, prevent them from even becoming an issue by keeping your drains nice and clear, so that it is a less tempting breeding ground for insects.


When water has stagnated for a sufficiently long time, it can really start to stink; and it is an aggressive stench. The stench will then slowly work its way outwards until the whole room the drain is in has a disgusting odour to it (although, one would have to leave a drain for a very long time before that happened). The odour itself is not going to harm you, but most people want to avoid the stench that comes out of blocked drains.


If the clog is extremely bad, the water can start to get really backed up. As the water gets backed up, the pressure in the pipes will start to increase. In extreme cases, this will lead to leaks, and maybe even damage to your pipes. Leaking pipes then bring on their own assorted hazards, such as mold.


Blocked drains are a breeding ground for bacteria.  You can come into contact with the bacteria when you try and clean the pipes.


This all sounds bad, how can I avoid this happening?

The first step to avoiding clogged drains is to figure out why they got clogged in the first place. For most people, drains are clogged because you put stuff down them that was not meant to go down a drain. People still consistently put stuff like kitchen grease, food scrapings, and hair down their drain even though those are not supposed to go down a drain ever. Likewise, people still insist on using things like flushable wipes, which are also notorious for causing clogs. Either way, if you want to never deal with clogged drains again, create a list of things that should never go down a drain and stick to it. Most clogged drains are completely avoidable if you stick to only throwing things down the drain that should actually go down it. If you want more information, Service Heroes have written several articles on clogged drains, here is one detailing some common causes of clogged drains.

We know it can be tempting to put off dealing with them for a few days, especially if you don’t use the clogged sink often, but you really should make a habit of dealing with clogged drains as soon they pop up. Plus, if you deal with a clogged drain quickly, you can prevent the clog from getting worse, which means the whole process will go a lot smoother.

If you want to try and deal with a clogged drain yourself, you are in luck, because we have detailed several ways to deal with a clogged drain in this article. But, as we state in the article, if a clog is too difficult to remove by yourself (or you just don’t feel like removing it yourself) you can always call a licenced professional, who will be able to deal with a clog quickly and easily. If you do plan on dealing with clogged drain yourself, make sure you wear proper safety equipment, such as gloves and safety goggles. Most importantly, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after dealing with a clogged drain, just in case there are some  harmful bacteria in the pipes (yes, we know you are wearing gloves, but it never hurts to be safe.)

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