Review of Day One Lane Cove Bus Timetable Changes

The NSW Government recently announced there would be 400 additional bus services for the Lane Cove area starting on 4 June 2017. Today was the first working day for the new bus timetables. ITC was on the buses first thing this morning and this is our report.

New Bus Route 530 – Burwood to Chatswood via Hunters Hill and Lane Cove

ITC took the 530 from Penrose/Burns Bay at 7.49am this morning. The 530 was on time at 7.27am and 7.49am. The 536 pulled up straight after the 530. Both the 530 and 536 were heading to Chatswood via the interchange. ITC arrived at the Lane Cove Interchange at 8.00am.

There was mass confusion about the 530 with many people having to double check that the 530 went to Chatswood. In some cases, the 530’s digital signage was incorrect (for example the sign said Charter Bus) or the 530 pulled into the wrong bay at the Lane Cove Interchange.

During the day, the 536 stops and the 530 continues. Hunters Hill passengers were struggling to find the bus stop for the 530 as it is supposed to stop somewhere near the Burns Bay Down Ramp near the Hunters Hill Hotel.

Lane Cove Interchange

Time  ITC Joined Queue Time Bus Arrived
8.02am 8.04am – plenty of seats
8.05am 8.08am – plenty of seats. A Red Bendy Bus 294 arrived with very few occupants.
8.19am 8.21am – however, it was standing room only as the 294 was packed
8.33am 8.50am – during this time only three buses arrived and most of them were full so only one or two people could get on board. One 294 was packed and only 4 people got on it. However, another bus stopped behind the 294 and opened its doors so people further down the queue could get on that bus but the people at the front of the queue missed out.


Bus Route 252

The 252 no longer goes via Cope Street. The 251 does leave from Cope Street but is only a peak hour bus.  Elderly Lane Cove Residents (and there are many in the Cope Street Complex and the Best Street Complex have to walk up a steep hill to catch the bus from Penrose/Burns Bay Road.

Bus Route 294

Only one red bendy bus was seen during the period 8.00am to 9.00am.

City to Lane Cove

ITC has, on numerous occasions, advised Transport for NSW that more buses need to be deployed in the afternoon/early evening from the City to Lane Cove. One ITC roving reporter advised us they had to wait 48 minutes for a bus on 5 June 2017. All the buses were full by the time they got to her stop. However, M40 and M20 buses were going by half full. ITC followers have asked on numerous occasions for the M20 to come to Lane Cove.

We are in the process of putting together a special Facebook Group for Lane Cove Public Transport users where you can post your issues directly to that Group page and ITC will use information on this Group Page to provide information to NSW State Government (whether they like it or not).

The Lane Cove Council resolved at their April Council Meeting to approach the State Government to lobby for better transport. It will be interesting to see what steps (if any) the Council has taken since making this resolution.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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