Lane Cove Week in Review – 5 to 11 June 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 5 to 11 June 2017.

This week it was all about the rain.  It has been extremely heavy at some times and then a bit of blue sky will break through and then it will rain again.  The rain has been so heavy it resulting in a rock slide on River Road West.  On Saturday 10th June a large rock fell onto River Road West and was still there on Sunday afternoon.
Be careful driving up River Road from Crows Nest to Northwood and Longueville.  The rock is in the far left lane across from the Golf Course. It will do some damage to your car if you hit it. ITC reported the rock to RMS who advised they would liaise with the police.

The rain also resulted in further accidents on River Road West/Bridge Street and Penrose Street.  ITC has named this the slipperiest bend in Lane Cove.



It appears even you take this corner with care you can experience issues.  The comment below was posted on our Facebook Page.

Yesterday at 1.00pm I had a near miss on the corner of Penrose/River Road, just around the bend towards heading towards Riverview. I was driving carefully at approx 40km and the car aquaplaned onto the wrong side of the road. It was either the road was slippery, or something spilled from the earlier accident!

Speaking of the big wet, some little creatures are coming in from the wet.  When we posted this spider on our Facebook Page and asked Lane Cove to tell us if it was a Mouse Spider or a Funnel Web Spider, the post went off. The court of public opinion is still out.  The person who found the spider seems to think it is a Mouse Spider.  Any thoughts?

lna cove spiders

Public Tranport

This week was the first full week of the promised 400 new bus services.  It does not appear to have solved the issue of crowded buses along Epping Road and at the Interchange.  Between 8. 00 am and 9.00 am people are still waiting for around 20 – 30 minutes for a bus.  Forget about getting a seat if you are getting on at the interchange, the drivers pack them in.

The fallout around the 252 continues, with people still waiting at the Cope Street stops for the 252 that never comes.   Outside peak times the Lane Cove West residents have a big hike to the nearest bus stop.

Pay it Forward

ABC Sydney decided to call last Friday Pay it Forward Day.  This Day was inspired by a chain of pay it forward events in Lane Cove (you may have heard In The Cove on the radio).  On Friday, Lane Cove did not disappoint with stories of Flowers being given to strangers, thank you cards being given to work mates and free coffees.

pay it forwards

Crime and Incident Report

Beware of pickpockets on the North Shore Line train lines.  A Lane Cove resident came home without his wallet after a train trip from the city.
A break-in was reported in Lane Cove North at the corner of Centennial Avenue and Mowbray Rd.

Another opportunistic break and enter was reported on Burns Bay Road when a thief spotted an open First Floor Balcony.

This week the North Shore LAC advised North Shore Residents that most break and enters occur through a ground-floor or first-floor window.  Read more here.

Save the Date

ITC has started to declutter her cupboards ready to donate items to the St Michaels Church Lane Cove Huge Garage Sale with all proceeds going to Caritas Australia. Once I have declutterd I will be able to buy great gear from the Garage Sales like Mills and Boons Books for my Sister (who has an MBA but loves them), beautiful tea cups, cutlery and amazing bric a brac – not to mention the cake stall they have. So save the date and see you there!!!


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Photo by @strolowc
Photo by @strolowc

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