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home cooked meals for your doggie husky pug

At In the Cove we like telling you about new products and businesses launched by Lane Cove locals. Husky Pug is a new business launched by “locals” (well they live in North Ryde but shop local in Lane Cove). If you want to spoil your dog, then Husky Pug meals should be on your shopping list.

Why did you start Husky Pug?

We started Husky Pug because we have always believed that home cooked meals made from high quality all natural whole foods is the best way to take care of yourself and those you love and hold dear. If you are lucky enough to have a qualified Chef in the family, like us, preparing these meals at home makes cooking a breeze, cost effective and time-saving. We have always tried to feed our 15-year-old rescue puppy ‘Possy’ what we eat which was easy when our children were very young and the food was bland and often not always eaten. However over the years, fortunately, their tastes developed so Possy became the luckiest dog ever, having her meals specially prepared by her own in home Chef. Combined with all this and the recent sale of our Restaurant and Catering businesses and a great deal of pressure from our other ‘Dog Loving’ friends and family we decided to share Possy’s unique experience with other dearly loved dogs around Sydney. Hence Husky Pug!

Husky Pug Natural dog food

Why is it named Husky Pug?

As Possy was a rescue puppy and her breed has never really been known. Our two daughters have always believed she was a combination of their favourite dogs a ‘Husky’ & ‘Pug’ which is quite funny as although she is a unique combination of ingredients she is hardly any of these breeds. So with some brainstorming we decided on Husky Pug.

Tell Us About the Products

Our Chef makes high-quality home cooked meals for your dog from Human fit, superior grade products. Our meats are supplied fresh and include – Free Range Chickens from Lilydale, which are free from growth promoting antibiotics and Beef and Kangaroo from Haverick Meats, which are grass feed all natural. We make our chicken stock from Lilydale chickens. We use fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers, Australian grown oats, couscous, quinoa and brown rice and high quality all natural vitamin supplements. We NEVER add artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. As well as being highly nutritious for your dog’s health, they will love each meal as they could be eating from your plate!

Very early on we researched which ingredients were good and not so good for our Possy, as anyone does when they have a new addition to the family. To make doubly sure we were doing the absolute best for our Customers we embarked on a journey to create meals that were not only balanced but also provided optimal nutrition. We were fortunate to find a dedicated team of Vet and Pet Nutritionists at Massey University who shared our mission to truly create a complete, all natural whole food meal for our pets. Now Husky Pug is able to deliver just that through a selection of 6 Super Food meals for your special family member.

What has been the response like?

We have only been online for a matter of weeks and all our new Customers are repeat Customers. Since the response has been so positive we are working on subscription offerings with great discounts to make it easier for our Husky Pug fans to just set and forget. We are so excited that people are now finding Husky Pug and more Sydney dogs are reaping the benefits.

How do we get our hands on Husky Pug meals and where do you deliver?

Our product can be ordered on line at www.huskypug.com.au. We deliver to most inner Sydney suburbs. A full list can easily be found on our website. We are also working with passionate local Pet Groomers and Pet Suppliers to stock Husky Pug. These will be posted on our Website soon.

our store

Do you offer gift certificates?

We continue to offer specials on our website and at the moment we have a ‘Winter Offer’ of 2 free meals with all orders placed by 31 August.

Gift certificates can be arranged by contacting us at [email protected]

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