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Did you know that more and more home owners are opting for a swim spa instead of a swimming pool?

ITC had never seen a swim spa (that looked like a pool) until we bumped into Lane Cove local Isaac Chayboub from Instyle Pools & Spas when we were visiting HomeHQ at Artarmon.

Isaac told ITC that swim spas are the next big thing in home swimming options. Swim spas outperform swimming pools in countless ways – they are faster and cheaper to install, cost less to run and maintain, have significantly greater functionality and uses and offer an array of optional extras including massage and swim jets.

Instyle Pools & Spas is a family run business owned and operated by Isaac and his dad. Isaac is passionate about maximising your home swimming experience. He constantly seeks out new trends so that Instyle Pools & Spa can continue to offer new and existing clients the latest products.

Pools and spas are in his blood, Isaac’s father has worked in the industry for 36 years and Isaac joined him in the business over 15 years ago.

As an installer of pools and spas, Isaac says the latest trend is a move away from the traditional in-ground swimming pool towards a prefabricated in-ground or above-ground swim spa.

instyle swim spa

Swim spas win on all counts and their popularity is growing rapidly. They really do tick every box.

And here’s why…….

  1. Fast Installation

Unlike the lengthy and often complicated installation required for traditional in ground pools, a swim spa can be placed in to position with internal surfaces already finished. If you’re thinking of an above ground swim spa, the installation process is even faster.

  1. Affordability

Time is money and the time it takes to install an in ground pool can be prohibitive. An above ground option is by far the most affordable swim spa option.

  1. Swim Spas have Broad Appeal

Lane Cove residents are well aware of the sometimes interesting geographical landscape of our beautiful suburb and surrounds.  Some enclaves are notoriously hilly making access to a backyard difficult, sometimes impossible to install a pool. Swim spas overcome this issue due to their pre-fabrication – they can simply be lifted in to place making it more affordable and faster for you to enjoy that incredible swim at home experience. Renting? Not a problem! You can take your above ground swim spa with you.

  1. Swim Spas are Versatile

Feel like a swim? Prefer to sit and chat with friends and family? Just want a relaxing soak? Swim spas win on all counts. Most swim spas come with inbuilt seating. Swim spas also offer heating making them usable all year around. If you’re looking for an aquatic workout, you have the option of a high powered swim jet to give you the same experience as if you were doing laps in an Olympic pool. If you’re interested in resistance training, you could opt for a tether pole.

  1. Swim Spas work in Spaces Large and Small

Thought your backyard was too small for a swim spa? Wrong! Swim spas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from capacity for two people all the way up. Some swim spas look more like swimming pools but their functionality, affordability and versatility far exceeds that of traditional swimming pools.

Isaac believes a swim spa is the all-round solution to your home swim experience. Isaac told us:

“They have the cool plunge pool benefit of traditional pools. Size options for every sized yard. Exercise options readily available as well as a relaxing hydrotherapy benefit.  Not to mention all year round versatility due to inbuilt heating.”

As a Lane Cove resident, Isaac has a particular interest in the local landscape which is another reason he is so excited about swim spas.

Isaac told ITC very enthusiastically (because this man loves his spas)

“There is virtually no yard I can think of where a swim spa could not be installed faster and more cost effectively than the traditional in ground pool.”

Of course, if it’s a traditional pool solution you’re looking for, Instyle Pools & Spas has decades of experience with the design and installation of all styles of pools and spas. It’s your one stop shop for the design and installation of all your home swimming solutions.

instyle swim spa

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Instyle Pools & Spas
Address: HomeHQ, 1 Fredrick Street, Artarmon NSW 2064
Phone: (02) 9437 3334
Facebook:  Instyle Pools
Email: [email protected]

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