River Road West and Bridge St Lane Cove Bend to Be Upgraded

Lane Cove Council has received funding to upgrade the slippery bend at River Road West and Bridge Street Lane Cove. Residents who live on the River Road West and Bridge Street Bend can guarantee you one thing, if it is raining there will be an accident. Residents have told In the Cove that on a rainy day there are between 3 to 5 accidents on this bend. They were concerned that one day there will be a fatality.

The Lane Cove Council has been heavily lobbied by local residents (who were worried about a fatality and who were sick of having to rebuild their fences) for road improvements.  This resulted in the Lane Cove Council submitting an application with Roads and Maritime Services for funding to introduce some modifications to the bend to make it safer.

In February 2016 Lane Cove Council engaged a consultant to undertake a Road Safety Audit at the intersection. Subsequently, in July 2016, Council applied for $97 000 under RMS black spot funding program for the following tasks:

  • A skid resistant surface at the bend of River Road West/Bridge Street.
  • Installation of lane divider flaps to improve delineation.
  • Installation of a raised threshold on Bridge Street (eastern side) to slow down motorists and to make them aware that there is a change in road environment.
  • Installation of a concrete median island with addition ‘stop’ signs and street names to further define the road environment.
  • Repainting the existing lane line markings on the bend of River Road and Bridge Street.

This week the Lane Cove Council was advised their funding has been approved for the 2018/2019 financial year. Lane Cove Council has advised that they can start some work during this financial year.

In the Cove has been asking for an update on the funding from the Lane Cove Council for about six months.  ITC also raised this issue with the RMS and asked them to consider the funding application asap.  ITC also approached our local member Anthony Roberts (who used to live about 100m from the intersection) and asked if he could raise this matter with the Minister for Roads, Maritime, and Freight.  Yesterday ITC received a letter from Anthony Roberts office, attaching a letter from the Minister for Roads, Maritime, and Freight, advising that this community road safety matter was a matter for the Lane Cove Council and they had not received any submissions for current or future funding at that intersection.  Truly a YES Minister moment!!

Well done to the Lane Cove Council for securing funding for this bend.

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