Lane Cove is Not Happy with New Plastic Toy Vending Machines

In the last week, toy vending machines have appeared on P1 and P2 levels in the Lane Cove Market Square.  When ITC posted a picture of the vending machines on our Facebook page, there was overwhelming negative comments.  Lane Cove has always been very proactive in the War of Waste.  The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group has been campaigning for a single use plastic ban waste for a considerable period of time.  They have also been campaigning for a container deposit scheme.

Lane Cove has one of the highest sign up rates for the Responsible Cafe programme and Keep Cup sales have been booming in Lane Cove.  We have a Source Bulk Foods store which uses no plastic containers or bags.  With these environmental credentials, it shows the the operators of the Lane Cove Market Square are out of touch with public opinion.  Lane Cove does not want vending machines with small plastic figures.

At the July Lane Cove Council meeting, the council pledged to assist retailers to reduce the use of single use plastic bags. The minutes stated:

“Council and the community have worked collaboratively for some years in trying to raise awareness about the use of plastic bags and other problem wastes.”

To add insult to injury the Bag Share Bin was located on P2 in the exact position where the new plastic toy vending machines are now located.  The Bag Share bin has now been moved to behind an advertising sign and is now less visible.  The Bag Share Programme is designed to allow people to share bags and to pick up a reusable bag when they have forgotten to bring one.

bag share recycle

The Lane Cove Council should write to the operators of Lane Cove Market Square and ask them to remove the vending machines.

Here is just one Facebook post which sums up the views of In the Cove Facebook followers:

More junk to fill the great landfill tip called the planet. The kids are learning recycle, reuse, reinvent but have consume, break it, chuck it, shoved in their faces. Somewhat of a confusing message for kids. Don’t buy into it.

What do you think about it?  What should we do to discourage this type of product being sold?

On a brighter note the Queensland Government today banned the use of single use plastic bags.



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