Lane Cove Wants a Commuter Bus

lane cove business plaza

In the Cove has been running a survey to gauge interest in a Lane Cove Commuter Bus. A Lane Cove Commuter Bus would run on a loop and would take shoppers to the Lane Cove Plaza.  Each year a commuter bus is used for the Lane Cove Fair.

The Response to our survey was as follows:

94.12% of respondents were in favour of a commuter bus.

Question 1

50.17% of the respondents would like the bus to run every 15 minutes during peak period.

Question 2

54.95% believe that the service should be free, however 41.64% would pay a nominal fee of $2.00.


As an incentive to use the Little Street Car Park we asked if shoppers would like assistance with carrying their groceries.   Only 36.68% were in favour of this approach.

Survey 4

Lane Cove Council needs to take action asap. It is only a week or so since the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment started and retailers are telling us that they have already seen a drop in trade in one week. One retailer told us that if the downward trend continues they will need to put off staff. This is also a concern, as this retailer employs locals. A commuter bus would be an added incentive to bring shoppers back to Lane Cove.

There is parking available in Lane Cove. ITC has been monitoring the situation and at no time last week (in our frequent trips to the shops – and we mean frequent) did we have trouble finding parking.

What are some other ways we can encourage locals to shop local?

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