NSW Premier Announces New Bus Services – Are they enough for Lane Cove?

Today the NSW Premier announced new changes to public transport from 26 November 2017.  There is some good news but Lane Cove West and Riverview miss out again during non peak periods.

Route 251 Lane Cove West to City

The good news is that extra services will be running during morning and afternoon peak periods on weekdays (11 Services between 6.46 am and 8.31 am).  The bad news is that extra services are not being provided during the non-peak period.  The Cope Street Bus Stop, which was frequently used by elderly residents, will not see any increased services.  You can view the new timetable here.

Route 292 Marsfield to city via Macquarie Park and Lane Cove

Route 289 will cease to run (this service was introduced last year).  The 292 services will be run across the week, with increased frequency at nights and on weekends. The route will change to run along Mowbray Road in Lane Cove North (instead of the 289), providing an all-day service to and from Lane Cove Interchange, the City and Macquarie Park seven days a week.  At peak morning time there will be 7 more services.   You can view the timetable here.

Route 294

The good news is that some morning peak route services on route 294 will start from Epping and Mowbray Roads instead of Macquarie Park.  This will mean that the 294 will not be full at the Lane Cove Interchange.  You can view the new timetable here.

Route 285

Route 285 will now run in both directions during the morning and afternoon peak periods between Mars Road, Lane Cove and the City via Epping Road.  You can view the new timetable here.

Minor timetable adjustments are also being introduced on the following routes: Routes 252, 253, 254, 286, 287, 288, 290, 291, 293, 294, 297  

What is your view?  Do these changes go far enough?  At least some buses will start in Lane Cove.


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