Beware of the Seniors Car Parking Spaces in Coles Lane Cove Car Park

Over the last few months, we have received numerous complaints about people being fined for parking in the Seniors Parking Permit Spaces in the Coles Lane Cove Car Park.  There are four spaces that are designated as Seniors Permit Holders Only.  They are located on the ground level near the upramp to Burns Bay Road.

If you park in these spots and you are not displaying a Seniors Parking permit, you will be fined $110.00.  The problem in relation to these spots is that they are not well marked as Seniors Parking Permit spaces.  The signs are above eye height and there is no on ground road markings.  Lane Cove Council needs to mark these spaces more clearly.  Rangers are regularly seen patrolling these parking spaces.  In the Cove will be writing to the Lane Cove Council and asking for better signage in this area.

How do you apply for a Free Seniors Parking Permit?

To apply for a permit you must be:

  • a Lane Cove resident;
  • at least 67 years of age; and
  • hold a current drivers licence.

You can apply for a permit by filling out an Application Form and have a Seniors Card and Rate Notice or Tenancy Agreement. You must take these documents to Council for sighting by their Customer Service Staff or send your completed Seniors Parking Permit Application form, together with a photocopy of your Seniors Card and a photocopy of a recent Rate Notice or Tenancy Agreement, to Council.

Upon receipt of the Application Form and sighting of these two documents, the Lane Cove Council will issue your Seniors Parking Permit to the address stated on the application form.

Do not try and use the permits in other council areas, the permits are only valid in parking spots marked
“Seniors Parking Permit” car spaces within Lane Cove Council car parks. These permits are not valid for parking in “Disabled” car spaces.

The permit is valid for 2 years and must be displayed on the passenger side windscreen of your car.  If the permit is not displayed you will be fined.

Where Is There Parking in Lane Cove?

Do not panic – there is still parking in Lane Cove.  Your best bet is the Little Street Car Park.  Entrance to this car park is next to the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.

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