Lane Cove Week in Review – 16 to 22 Oct 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review for 16 to 22 October 2017

Congratulations to Keith and Maureene Smith aka The Propagating Gardeners

Keith and Maureen Smith held their HUGE Plant Sale and raised $8,966 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Well done guys. If you missed the sale there will be another one in April 2018.

Keith and Maureen Lane Cove

A Smelly Situation

A pungent smell was reported wafting over Epping Road near the Arise apartments and over Lane Cove North. This follows on from another incident a few weeks ago when ITC reported a smell to Sydney Water. At that time ITC was advised the sewer pipes at Epping Road and Wilandra Street Lane Cove North were badly blocked. A sewerage surge was initiated and this resulted in some sewerage and waste in the bushlands. The smell is back and ITC has reported it again. Sydney Water went to the site on 18 October and could not identify any smell or overflowing pipes. If the smell comes back please contact Sydney Water on 13 20 90.

Lane Cove Council Meeting

The first meeting of the new look Lane Cove Council is scheduled for Monday 23rd October. One of the agenda items is a shuttle bus for Lane Cove.

Did you know that any residents can address the Lane Cove Council on a council issue for three minutes before the start of each council meeting? If you have a burning issue head on over to the Lane Cove Council Chambers at 7pm on 23rd October 2017.

RMS Continues to Stall on Fixing Up the Northwood/River Road West/Longueville Road Lights

Many of you have written to the RMS about the need to fix the confusing signals at the above intersection. ITC asked the RMS for an official comment and straight out of Bureaucrat Responses 101 we received the following reply:

Roads and Maritime Services is continuing to work closely with Lane Cove Council to develop a proposal to improve the visibility of the signals at the intersection of River Road, Northwood Road and Longueville Road at Northwood. The community will be kept informed as plans progress.

More Vandalism in Lane Cove North

Do you recognise these tags? This graffiti appeared on a fence in Lane Cove North this week. 


Road Accidents

This week a Roving Reporter reported 4 incidents on the bend at 438-444 Mowbray Road on the one day!!! Police, ambulance, and tow trucks were called to one incident and the road was closed for 10 minutes while everything was moved. Drive carefully on this bend at Mowbray Road Lane Cove North.

mowbray this week

The bend at River Road and Bridge Street was also the site of a few incidents – the rain makes this corner even harder to navigate. Slow down on this bend rain or shine!

 Must Do Events

The Lane Cove Shopping Night is back on 27th October from 6pm to 8pm – more details here.

lane cove night out

Put aside the 4th & 5th of November to indulge in art and food and wine.

The Greenwich Arts Trail is on 4th and 5th November and Lane Cove’s Food and Wine by the River is on 5th November at Tambourine Bay Reserve.

Lane Cove Food and Wine 6

Incident and Crime Report

Police are calling for witnesses after a 16-year-old boy was allegedly punched in the face while travelling on a bus in Longueville on 13 October 2017. The schoolboy boarded a bus in North Sydney after finishing school and while travelling through Longueville he noticed two boys sitting near him. Police said he greeted the boys who told him to get off the bus, which he refused before one of them got up and began punching him in the head. The attack stopped after the bus driver intervened. Anyone with information is asked to call LAC North Shore on 9414 8499.

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The original image was taken by @crickiej

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