Lane Cove Get Ready for Storm Season

Ausgrid has started a social media campaign asking residents to get ready for storm season. Although Winter and Spring 2017 have been dry, it’s a good idea to make your house ready for the summer storm season.

Before Storm Season

Photo Source: Ausgrid
Photo Source: Ausgrid

Tip # 1 Tidy up outdoors

Before a storm hits tidy up outdoors and look for anything which could fly away in strong winds and cause damage to powerlines and property. Make sure your BBQ, outdoor furniture, and large toys are secure.

Tip # 2 Know where your switchboard is

It’s not a good idea to try and find your switchboard during a blackout. Know where your switchboard is located and make sure there is clear access to the box.

Tip # 3 Maintain your roof and gutters

According to the NRMA, the likely cause of water damage in Lane Cove is due to roof leaks or blocked gutters. Clean your gutters regularly or install gutter guard (one of our gold sponsors is Smart Gutter Solutions)

Tip # 4 Trim trees near powerlines

Trees growing too close to powerlines can bring down live wires in a storm. Always use a qualified contractor to trim branches on your property safely. You can also report potentially dangerous trees on your street at

Tip # 5 Be Prepared

Always make sure you have a torch (with batteries that work). Keep the torch in an easy to access area.  You can rely on the torch on your iPhone but what do you do when your battery is dead? It’s also a good idea to keep a torch by your bed.

During the Storm

Stay indoors and stay away from windows.

Unplug any appliances that could be harmed due to a power surge (computer, TV, etc). Learn more about lightning protection in this short Telstra brochure about lightning surges (PDF, 66KB).

The general wisdom is that you should not use a landline telephone during an electrical storm.

After the Storm

Always assume that a powerlline is live. Do not touch any fallen powerlines or anything that is touching a fallen powerline. You can report a downed powerline or tress in contact with a powerline on 13 13 88.

If you have lost power and want to make sure it has been reported to Ausgrid, check their website here.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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