St Leonards South Residential Precinct Draft Plans 

On 13 July 2015, Lane Cove Council resolved to amend and adopt the St Leonards South Master Plan. It also resolved to amend the Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan to permit the rezoning of a portion of the precinct up to Park Road (east-side) for the purposes of higher density residential development (as shown above).  As part of the rezoning, there will be provision for two community facilities, child care centres, open space, shared green spines, east-west pedestrian/ cycle connectivity, key worker housing and a link road.

Lane Cove Council is now seeking your views on the draft Local Environmental Plan (LEP) amendments and other supporting documents for the St Leonards South Residential Precinct, bounded by Canberra Avenue, Marshall Avenue, Park Road and River Road.

Image Credit: Lane Cove Council

Heated Lane Cove Council Meeting

At October’s Lane Cove Council meeting this development was a hot topic.  There were two schools of thought:

  1. Residents of Portview Road and Park Lane Greenwich did not want to live in a construction zone for years. They do not want to live near massive apartment blocks that will create further congestion around their streets.
  2. The rezoning does not go far enough and more streets should be rezoned. The streets that are not rezoned will still be impacted by the new development and due to these impacts, residents should have the opportunity to sell to developers.

Have Your Say

Even if you do not live near St Leonards South Residential area this development will impact Lane Cove residents.  It is envisaged that over 2400 apartments will be constructed (this is on top of the apartments currently being constructed).  This will put further pressure on our local schools, local roads and public transport.  Extra residents will also put pressure on our local hospitals.  We need more infrastructure and an infrastructure plan before massive developments are approved.  It is not like the State Government has announced a new primary school at St Leonards.

 If you are worried about the flow on impact of the rezoning you should have your say.

The Greenwich Community Association in their submission to the Greater Sydney Commission stated:

The St Leonards South case study highlights how a rezoning can be advocated by council, seeking massive changes, to height, density and use, quite outside the LEP and without any planning or funding for the most significant infrastructure challenge in 50 years where the rezoning is driven by windfall gains not reinvestsed in the community, and measured against developer proposals, not community strategy.


The documents available for inspection are:

A Planning Proposal which seeks to amend LEP 2009 to implement new site-specific planning controls (including zoning, building heights, floor space ratios, lot sizes and land reservation acquisition) which will coordinate development in the St Leonards South Residential Precinct. Ministerial delegation has not been issued to Council for this proposal.

A Draft Development Control Plan to provide detailed development
controls for the precinct.

A Draft Landscape Master Plan to provide detailed designs for
public and private domain areas and the overall streetscape.

A Draft Section 94 Contributions Plan as a means of funding
local infrastructure required as a result of the new development.

-Other information and supporting documents including Supplementary Design Report; Heritage Study; Cumulative Transport and Accessibility Study; Cumulative Traffic Study; St Leonards South Master Plan –
December 2014; Independent Economic Review; HillPDA advice on Affordable Housing; S94 Open Space Contribution; and Community Facilities uplift.

To find out more, you may view the online exhibition at Lane Cove Council’s website or visit the Lane Cove Civic Centre (48 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove), Lane Cove Library (Library Walk, Lane Cove) or Greenwich Library (48 Greenwich Road, Greenwich).

To have your say on these plans, please make a submission to the
General Manager, quoting the reference ‘St Leonards South Residential Precinct Draft Plans – SU5945’ by:-

  • Post – PO Box 20, Lane Cove NSW 1595;
  • Fax – (02) 9911 3600; or
  • Email

Written submissions will be received by Council until 5 Jan 2018. 

For further information, you can contact Lane Cove Council’s Acting Manager – Strategic Planning on 9911 3516.

It’s time to get involved and make your voice heard. It will be too late to comment when you are stuck in traffic for hours on River Road West or the Pacific Highway.

Cover Photo:  Image source Lane Cove Council


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