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No Lights No Lycra chatswood

About a year ago, ITC overhead someone talking about going to Newtown to dance in the dark. ITC was intrigued. What was this dancing in the dark movement? We did some research and found out it was an organisation called No Lights No Lycra (NLNL). NLNL is all about letting yourself go. At the heart of No Lights No Lycra is the premise that everyone can dance. NLNL is a global dance tribe providing an inclusive and non-judgmental place for people to let go. NLNL brings people together to experience the freedom of self-expression and joy.

Lane Cove Local Rebecca Wolski and her friend Stephanie loved the concept so much they have now established No Lights No Lycra Chatswood. We asked Rebecca to tell ITC all about it.


How did you get involved in No Lights No Lycra?

We have been big fans of the NLNL movement for years and were regulars at NLNL Newtown. After making the journey over the bridge for so long, we realised it was time to bring it to the North Shore and make it more accessible for our community to experience the joy that NLNL brings to our lives.

Source: Image By Paul Philipson
Image By Paul Philipson

What’s the Concept?

Since launching in Melbourne in 2009, NLNL has taken the world by storm. NLNL is a space where you can completely let go, shake out the stresses of the week, and lose yourself in the music and the physicality of your body…IN THE DARK!

The concept was birthed out of the fact that it’s difficult for people to find a place where they can dance without the fear of judgment.

NLNL is a daggy, non-pretentious place to completely be yourself.

What Type of Music Do You Play?

We play a whole range of music. Each week people can submit their requests – if they’ve got a specific tune they want to get down to we will play it.

What’s the Feedback Been Like?

The feedback has been so positive! One lady recently wrote this post on our Facebook Page:

Just did my first NLNL and I had SO.MUCH.FUN!! I busted out all my daggy moves and grinned like a crazy person the whole hour. I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be if everyone felt safe and free to be who they want to be without worrying about other people’s judgment. I realised as I was jumping around that we are all the same in dark (haha) and we’re all just trying to find a little piece of joy in our busy lives ✌?

When Is It On?

Every Thursday night, 7.30-8.30pm at the Dougherty Centre Chatswood.

Will There Be a NLNL in Lane Cove?

We’d love to expand into Lane Cove, if there was an opportunity! For now, local Lane Cove residents have been making the short journey up the Pacific Highway.

How Long Have you Lived in Lane Cove?

I lived in Lane Cove as a child, and four years ago returned to live in the area with my Husband.

What Do You Like About Living in Lane Cove?

Lane Cove has a beautiful sense of the community and we just love the lifestyle. We also enjoy being able to walk up the local shops, have a coffee or meal and get all our groceries done. 

The monthly markets is a big attraction with so much variety – it’s great we can support our local community in so many ways! 


Where:  Dougherty Centre Chatwood (park in Westfield Parking Centre)
When:  Every Thursday Night 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Cost:   $7 cash at the door. Luggage storage available for $2
Facebook:  @NLNLChatswood

It’s time to grab some friends and head to Chatswood and dance like no-one is watching – because no-one is watching.

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