The Lane Cove Mystery Garden

Avid followers of In the Cove will know that ITC has been lobbying the Lane Cove Council to fix up the garden beds along Epping Road.  One Lane Cove Resident, Ryen Partin, has gone one step further and planted a beautiful garden on the corner of Coxs Lane and Epping Road Lane Cove.  We asked Ryen why he started his guerrilla gardening.

Why did you decide to start a Community Garden?

I first began planting sunflowers along Epping Road about three years ago simply because I was tired of looking at a brick wall and weeds. When I saw people taking photos with the sunflowers I realised that others were really getting a kick out of it too so I continued to do it but moved it closer to my unit to make it easier to look after. 

What does your Garden Grow?

The garden is mostly petunias, snapdragons, and sunflowers. I stick to mostly low-cost plants as unfortunately, plants are stolen on occasion.  I’m now planting more permanent plants including grasses, sweet pea bushes, and echinacea. 

What has the Feedback been like?

The feedback I have had has been 99.9% positive.  There has been a couple of people to question why I’ve planted in Council land, but almost everyone sees it as a very positive contribution. People roll down their windows and tell me it’s inspiring. Someone will always thank me (and my partner when he helps) as they walk past.  My favourite thing to see is people taking selfies with the sunflowers. Last year we even saw a young couple taking a photo of their “baby bump” next to one of the sunflowers. 

How Can Others Enjoy The Garden?

I’ve recently put the garden on Twitter and Instagram so more people can enjoy the garden and to share their garden selfies.  The garden can be found by searching “Lane Cove Garden”.  

How Can Others Help You?

I have received a couple of plant donations which is fantastic.  There is a couple that sit on the fence to do a bit of meditation and they also gave me a small donation to purchase plants.  It’s not expected at all and I have been very grateful to the few people who have done this.  If you do want to donate you can either leave plants in the garden or call Ryen on 0488 887 936.

How long have you lived in Lane Cove?

I’ve lived in Lane Cove for about 15 years. The location is convenient for the shops, getting to the city and close to work.  Epping Road used to be beautiful with the azaleas and after the tunnel went in the landscaping was unfortunately neglected.  I do look forward to the day when Council fixes up the landscaping and has a long-term solution to a dreary looking road.  Until then, and maybe even after, I’ll do my part to brighten up the street and to brighten up the days for everyone who walks past. 

Good on you Ryen – it takes only one person to make another person’s day.  ITC will be donating to Ryen to buy some more plants and would love it if you could do so as well.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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