Lane Cove West Residents Launch Centennial Avenue Petition

The RMS wants to improve traffic commuter times along Centennial Avenue and Epping Road.  This is a great idea.  However, their main suggestion is to create clearways.

The Proposal

The RMS is planning to:

  • Widen and change the lane configuration on Centennial Avenue and Epping Road; and
  • Introduce clearways on both sides of Centennial Avenue (AM and PM and all-day clearways on weekends).

Many Lane Cove West residents accept that clearways help traffic flow, however, they need to be reasonable.  Possible Clearway times are:

  • Clearways Northbound in the Morning Peak Period;
  • Clearways Southbound in the Afternoon Period; and
  • NO Weekend Restrictions.

All Lane Cove Residents would like better commute times, but introducing clearways without looking at all factors impacting commuter times is a Band-Aid approach.  There are many intersections where the light cycles do not work properly or traffic is forced along Centennial Avenue due to no right-hand turn restrictions.  Introducing clearways will force residents and visitors to park in side streets.

In our recent article, RMS Set to Introduce Controversial Clearways, we summarised resident’s concerns.

Picture taken from outside 104 Centennial looking towards Fig Tree St traffic lights on Wed 29th Nov at 8.01am

RMS’s Response To Questions Raised by Centennial Avenue Residents

Lane Cove West Residents have not been satisfied with the RMS’s responses to their questions. Below are a few responses.

Where should people park between Epping Road and Oak Avenue and between Gentle Street and Fig Tree Street?

RMS Response

Outside clearway hours, residents and visitors will still be able to park on Centennial Avenue. During clearway hours, residents and visitors are encouraged to park within residential properties where ever possible. However, in the event that these vehicles cannot be accommodated or you are visiting Charlish Park, a parking study has confirmed that the demand for parking could be accommodated in side streets with no changes to current parking restrictions.Site inspections of these areas confirmed that all properties in this area and the associated streets have some level of off-street car parking.Visitors who drive to Charlish Park Playground would be able to park in either Fig Tree Street or Gentle Street.

How Can Residents Arrange for Deliveries?

RMS Response

Deliveries that require vehicles to stop on Centennial Avenue can normally be arranged outside the clearway hours (between 10 am and 3 pm or after 7 pm on weekdays, or before 9 am or after 6 pm on weekends).

During clearway hours, deliveries will need to be made in your driveway and/or carport, if available, otherwise they will need to park on a side street and walk to your property. This is similar to all other state roads where clearways and ‘No Stopping’ restrictions are in place.

[ITC Note: Have you ever had Foxtel, Telstra, or any delivery person give you an exact delivery time.  Residents would have to remove cars from their driveway or carport to enable the delivery person to park. According to the NSW Road Rules vehicles are not permitted to park on the section of a driveway between the kerb line and a property boundary (NSW road rule 198). Exceptions are made if you are picking up people.]

How are elderly people who live in Oak Avenue/Gentle Street going to be able to cross the road?

RMS Response

Irrespective of whether or not clearways are in place, pedestrians need to cross in a safe manner. Roads and Maritime strongly encourage pedestrians to use the nearest traffic lights, to safely cross Centennial Avenue.

[ITC Note: There is no ability for pedestrians to cross Centennial Avenue between Epping road and Fig Tree Street. This is a distance of over 1 kilometre. At least with some parked cars you are crossing two lanes, not the proposed four lanes – it is too far for some elderly pedestrians to walk to the lights]

Picture taken from outside 100 Centennial looking towards Fig Tree St traffic lights on Tues 28th Nov at 8.53am

How Do you Provide Feedback on the Proposal?

Feedback can be provided by:

  • Phone: 1800 572 004 during business hours;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Snail Mail: Roads and Maritime Services PO Box 973 Parramatta NSW 2124; or
  • In person: Lane Cove Plaza 10 December 10.00am to 1.00 pm

What Actions Can Lane Cove Residents Take to Ensure their Voices are Heard?

  • Provide Feedback using one of the methods above;
  • Share this article on your social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter) or by email – just copy and paste this link;
  • Contact our local member, the Hon Anthony Roberts, so he can work with residents/RMS for an acceptable outcome. You can email Anthony here;
  • Sign the Online Centennial Avenue Petition and share the Online Centennial Avenue Petition link with your friends;
  • The RMS will be making a presentation at the Lane Cove Council meeting on Monday 11th December 2017 at 7.00pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.
  • Lane Cove West Residents will be holding an information stall at the Lane Cove Plaza on 10th December 2017 (at the same time as the RMS stall).  Come and visit and show your support.

These proposals impact residents who live on Burns Bay/ Centennial Avenue AND any residents living on side streets. You can read the RMS proposal in full here.

Cover Photo – picture taken on Sunday Afternoon.

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