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As part of ITC’s  Lane Cove Local series, we are featuring Kanika Aggarwal, a Lane Cove blogger, who writes about party ideas and games.  After Christmas Day lunch, the ITC family likes to play party games.  We asked Kanika to tell us about her blog and it’s very interesting name.

What is your Blog About?

It is called Ladies Kitty and it’s about party games, gift ideas, recipes and much more. We try to live by our byline which is “We have a game for Every Reason and Every Season”.

What Made You Start the Blog?

I am a software engineer by profession.  In that role, I  have written technical blogs, so I am pretty familiar with social media and blogging.  One day, I noticed my Mother-In-Law searching for party games on the internet.  An idea struck and we started Ladies Kitty. My Mother-in-Law also writes new games and comes up with ideas for the blog.

Why is it called Ladies Kitty?

Initially, when the blog was launched it was centered around party games that are played at Ladies Kitty Parties.  In India, Ladies Kitty Parties are very common. Ladies meet every week or every month and those meetups are called a Ladies Kitty Party.  Soon I started covering games for kids, festivals, couples, recipes, themes and eventually a one-stop for anyone looking for party related information. The blog was already receiving a number of hits, it didn’t make sense to change the blog name to reflect we now publish party games for every occasion.

Have You Always Loved Party Games?

Party Games have been a big part of my life.  However,  I was pleasantly surprised that party ideas come to me so naturally.  This makes the blog easy to write.  I love sharing fun ideas with people. 

How Long Have you Lived in Lane Cove?

We moved to Australia from India in July last year. Lane Cove has been our home since we moved.

What Do You Like About Living In Lane Cove

I love the vibe. My 3-year-old daughter and  I like to go to the  Lane Cove Plaza and the Lane Cove Library. 

Where Do You  Buy Your Coffee in Lane Cove?

I purchase my coffee from Ground Caffe.  It’s conveniently located next to the library and I love their coffee, they make it just the way I want it.

ITC followers may like to read Kanika’s 15 Games for Christmas blog.  ITC particularly liked the Christmas Card Partner Game, Christmas Memory Game or the Christmas Carol Game.  These games are designed to help people mix (great for an office party where different business units might not know each other).

When ITC was growing up we used to play the memory game all the time.  Here is Ladies Kitty take on the game:

Christmas Memory Game

Keep 15-20 items related to Christmas for eg. cake, cookies, ribbons, small balls, bells, small wine bottles, small Christmas tree, a snowman, santa hat, gloves etc.  and keep it on the table for 30 sec.  Pass paper and pen to all the players. Now the players have to write as many things they remember in one minute.

What are some of your favourite old school games?  Let us know.

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Website: Ladies Kitty
Facebook:  @ladieskitty
Pinterest: @ladieskitty

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