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You may have noticed that one of the big trends in Fitness is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Lane Cove local residents Marcela and Cameron Stow-Smith own F45 Artarmon (which is actually located on the Pacific Highway at Lane Cove North).  ITC asked Marcela and Cameron to tell us about their F45 studio and why they like living in Lane Cove (aka the world’s greatest suburb).

What is F45?

F45 is a unique style of training, combining elements of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training (hence the “F” in F45). F45 Artarmon currently has 27 different workouts, some of which are cardio, some resistance, some a mix of both, but all super addictive!

Workouts run for 45 minutes (except for Hollywood on Saturdays, which is 60 minutes), this means that even the most time-poor people can squeeze in a session each day! F45 has over 3,000 individual exercises in our system and you will never do the same workout twice. One of the top reasons people give up on exercise is due to boredom, at F45 you will constantly be challenged, which means continuous improvement. F45 is the pinnacle of group fitness, and is the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world, with 1000+ studios now functioning in 36 countries!

What is F45 Artarmon?

You will certainly work your butt off at F45 Artarmon, however, we are much more than a gym. When you join our studio, you are joining a community. Our motto is “Team Training, Life Changing”, and we stand by it. We work hard together during sessions, but we also like to catch up outside of the studio, whether it’s for coffee, brekky, a charity event, game of lawn bowls, an obstacle course race or even a baby shower!

Why is F45 Artarmon different?

F45 Artarmon is a large, open studio space with the latest technology and equipment. We offer members the ability to use the F45 LionHeart heart-rate monitoring system which provides the user with a personalised summary of each of their workouts! We have a highly skilled team of trainers, who are only too happy to modify any exercises that you may have difficulty with, as well as discuss with you any particular goals you have and how we can get you there. We also have a broad session timetable, to ensure that there is a time of day that suits you, not to mention sessions run 7 days a week, as well as most public holidays.

Tell us about Marcela and Cameron!!

F45 Artarmon is owned and operated by local residents, husband and wife duo, Marcela and Cameron Stow-Smith (Marcela and Cameron feature on our cover photo). Marcela has a background in physiotherapy and personal training, whilst Cameron is highly skilled in business management. We both began our experience with F45 as members of another studio, quickly fell in love with the style of training, the quickness at gaining results and the fantastic community vibe.

Tell Us About Some Inspiring Clients!!

We are so proud of all our clients who make up the F45 Artarmon community – here are some recent success stories.

James’ Story

James was our most recent Challenge winner from December 2017. James dropped 6kg of body fat, which equated to a 5% drop in his body fat percentage. He also gained 1kg of lean muscle mass, which is an outstanding outcome overall.

Celine’s Story

In her own words….

“I’d gained a bit of weight over the last year. My partner and I bought a place, and renovations have taken up a lot of my time. But it got to a point where I was eating takeaways every night, so I could work on the house whenever I could. I just got to the point where I didn’t want to dress up, none of my clothes fit me, I felt really frumpy so I thought, ‘I’ll go to F45 for a four week trial,’ but then I just got hooked. The trainers at my F45 are a husband-and-wife duo. They are amazing, and the people I train with… we call it the F45 family. We organise events, catch ups and brunches and some people are doing Tough Mudder together. I’m friends with a few of the girls on Facebook now, and we catch up every morning. I go five or six days a week, so I see them a lot. My body has changed in other ways, besides the weight loss (10kg). My skin has cleared up, and my attitude has shifted. When you’re putting yourself through a hard workout, you realise it’s worth it to eat well – otherwise you’ll be doing a push up and be like – why did I eat that?”

The F45 Artarmon Community

When you visit our studio, you can expect to be called by your name, and not just by the trainers! We think the best way to describe our studio is “Personal training in a group environment”! F45 Artarmon members love getting together socially, but they also like to help out the community. A team of members took part in the Sydney Tower Stair Challenge, where they climbed the tower in the name of raising awareness for Autism. They also recently donated to Vinnie’s, supporting the disadvantaged and homeless, at a particularly difficult time, Christmas.

Why do you live in Lane Cove?

Lane Cove is a great place to live with ample green spaces, good shopping and loads of cafes/restaurants. We also love how close to the city it is, yet so far away at the same time.

What do you like about Lane Cove?

To us, Lane Cove is all about community, which is important to us. We love spending time wandering around the village and seeing friendly, familiar faces.

Tell us About Your 8 Week Challenge

The F45 Training 8 Week Challenge is the revolutionary system helping people across the globe transform their lives, inside and out! By joining the Challenge, you will receive 8 weeks of F45 Training at our Artarmon studio, a simple to follow meal plan developed by F45’s nutritionists, online access to health and wellness knowledge, a daily 45 point plan for success and more. Participants in previous Challenges have seen phenomenal results, with many losing 10kgs of body fat in just 8 weeks! The next Challenge starts 29th January, this is a great opportunity to get 2018 started the right way!


Where is the F45 Artarmon Located?

F45 Artarmon is located on ground floor at 448 Pacific Highway, Lane Cove North, which is in between KFC and the Shore Apartments. Best parking is free on back streets close by, such as Helen St, Burley St and Howarth Rd, all of which are only a few minutes’ walk.

ITC loves it when a business offers a special deal to ITC followers!!

Special Deal for ITC Followers

As a special offer for ITC followers, F45 Artarmon have put together a special bonus offer. For the first 25 people who join them for the next Challenge beginning 29th January, you will receive an F45 LionHeart heart-rate chest strap, an F45 Sweat Towel and an F45 Shaker Bottle, valued at $80, for FREE! Contact Marcela at 0422 015 596 or [email protected]

Contact Details

Address: Ground Floor 448 Pacific Highway, Lane Cove North
Website: f45training.com.au/artarmon/
Facebook: @f45artarmon
Instagram: @f45artarmon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0422 015 596

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