The A-Z of Lane Cove – K is for Kumon

ITC has a confession to make, maths is not my strong point. In fact, don’t go out to dinner with ITC and ask ITC to work out how to split the bill!! I don’t think my family has the Maths gene. My sisters are both high achievers, yet give them a mathematical equation and they are hopeless. I thought I had passed this gene down to my daughter but after Kumon we realised she had Maths skills!!!!

When Miss ITC was at primary school we thought of getting her a maths tutor, and then a friend of mine suggested we try Kumon. Kumon is an international learning program. It has an individualised learning lesson method. Each child is assessed and they are started on a level where they can gain a perfect score. This builds confidence. The students continue to study at their own pace to catch up to their year level and in most cases exceed their year level. Kumon helps children with Maths and Reading. ITC’s own experience was with the Maths program.

ITC knows from personal experience the only way to improve your Mathematics is to practice, practice and practice. I am probably going to show my age, but when I went to school multiplication times tables were everywhere (on our pencil cases, on the back of our school books or painted on the playgrounds). I don’t think schools focus as much on the basics as they did 10 to 20 years ago. This is what a child at Kumon does. It also helps a child to get into the habit of studying and working hard. A child attends two sessions a week at Kumon and then does a work booklet each night between attending the sessions.

Kumon has been around for over 50 years (and has been in Lane Cove for over 30 years!)  A program that doesn’t deliver results wouldn’t survive that long.  It’s important, to remember that individual results will vary and completing the daily work booklets and staying on course is vital to your child’s success in the program. Kumon is not for the faint-hearted and you have to be there to “encourage” your child to do their homework booklets.

However, if your child sticks to the program they will have more confidence and speed in working out mathematical equations.  ITC can tell you from first-hand experience we took in a child with no confidence about maths and she came out with a renewed confidence.

Kumon Lane Cove is located at Suites 5 & 6, 34 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove (downstairs from Hot Dollar). This venue has been selected for its close proximity to local schools and its central location for Lane Cove families.


Suites 5 & 6
34 Burns Bay Road
Lane CoveNSW 2066


Website: Kumon

Maths and English

2:40 PM – 6.30 PM

2:40 PM – 06.30 PM

2:40 PM – 06.30 PM

2:40 PM – 06.30 PM


Sheryl Lee


If you would like more information about the Kumon Program, or to reserve a spot in the next Parent Orientation & Diagnostic Testing Session, please contact Sheryl on 0403 397 885 or via [email protected]


This is a sponsored blog (to keep Mr ITC happy).  ITC paid for Kumon services for several years and would highly recommend it.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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