Rock Drop in Lane Cove

    The last few days of the school holidays are here.  Have those kids been attached to their digital devices like a spider to a web?  A Lane Cove mum contacted In the Cove and told us about a great idea which involves creativity and nature play for kids and parents that live in NSW and she would like to give it a kickstart in Lane Cove. It’s called Rock Drop.

    Rock Drop is where you go hunting for painted rocks in your local park, or paint some and hide them for others to find and help to spread some joy in your community.

    We have set out below how to get involved with rock drop in Lane Cove.


    Use unpolished clean dry rocks. Glass and ceramic rocks are not recommended. They can shatter when dropped and could possibly cause an injury. Acrylic paints & permanent markers work best. Rocks must be sealed prior to hiding them so they hold up to the elements.

    Some ROCK Painting Tips are listed here.


    After painting the rock, write NSW ROCKS and the Facebook symbol on the back of the rock, so people know what to do with their discovery!


    Join the Facebook Group NSW ROCKS.  After you have painted the rock, post in the Rock Group as follows:

    ***ROCK DROP*** Use this heading when posting your rock drop to the group. Include a picture, park name, suburb, location/map and a clue in your post.


    You can search NSW ROCKS group for your suburb name, or park name, to see if anything has been hidden there recently – just use the search bar. Be sure to check comments for updates before you head off to avoid potentially looking for a rock that has already been found and moved.


    The rock artists love to know when their creations are found and love to see them move from park to park spreading joy. If you find a rock share a picture on the original ***ROCK DROP*** post.


    You can choose to RE-HIDE or KEEP the rock you have found. If you choose to rehide the rock, you can do this at the same location or take it to another location.  All you do is post on NSW ROCKS using the heading ***RE-HIDE*** Include a picture, park name, suburb, location/map and a clue. You can also KEEP the rock. However, leave a comment on the original ***ROCK DROP*** post advising it is no longer there.


    Be aware of your surroundings and always be with your kids when they are looking for a rock.  You are not permitted to hide your rocks on private property and be careful where you hide your rocks so that they don’t cause any damage to property. Don’t steal rocks from private property or from someone’s landscaping. Don’t trespass. It’s the responsibility of parents to monitor their children whilst rock hiding/finding.


    Don’t forget to share NSW ROCKS group with anyone that you think might like to join in.

    Our cover photo shows some pretty groovy rocks made by Arabella (who is 10 years old) and wants you to rock drop away in Lane Cove.  Get involved with rock drop in Lane Cove!!!

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