Lane Cove Seniors Computer Club – Never Too Late to Learn

In the Cove is excited to tell you all about the Lane Cove Seniors Computer Club.  ITC’s mum is 87 and is using more and more online services as she is getting older and LOVING it (and ITC is loving it too as she no longer sends cheques for birthdays that I forget to deposit).  The only problem is that ITC had to train my mother over the phone and it did take some time (she does not live in Lane Cove).  Lane Cove Seniors won’t need over the phone computer training skills with the Lane Cove Seniors Computer Club.

What is the LCSCC?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage without access to internet and email. Dealing with government agencies, banking, booking travel and entertainment, paying bills are all going online. Everyone expects you to have a mobile phone. Many seniors risk being left behind in the digital age, and their families often lack the time and patience to help (sorry mum for saying that its three hours of my life I am never getting back – love you SO MUCH).

The experienced and very patient trainers at Lane Cove Seniors Computer Club have been helping seniors 55+ for over 20 years. Even the most nervous students soon relax and learn in an atmosphere that is both friendly and fun. A number of the students have made new friends at the club. Absolute beginners get the extra help they need. Other students may simply want help with knowledge gaps, such as the latest advice on protecting themselves against scams, viruses and hackers. The individual or small group lessons are very affordable, everyone involved with the Club are volunteers and have the support of Lane Cove Council.

What does LCSCC teach?

Classes of one to five sessions start at various times during each school term. They include such topics as iPads and other tablets, iPhones and other smartphones, MacBooks, the latest on Windows 10, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, handy Google apps and managing photos. Other topics that are offered from time to time are Skype, reading eBooks on Kindle or tablet, safe Internet buying and selling, Excel, backing up your computer and using cloud storage. Notes are provided for all topics.

Where is the LCSCC?

LCSCC premises are located opposite the Lane Cove Public School in the Living and Learning Centre and feature air conditioning, a projector and a screen, printers and a number of computers. Students can use LCSCC’s computers or bring their own. Internet access is provided. Technical advice is also available for anyone who has problems with their device. In special circumstances home visits can be arranged.

Where Do I View the Latest Timetable?

The latest timetable is on their website at

How Do I Book?

Email the club at [email protected] or call David on 9427 4747 or 0416 032 980. Book now as a new term starts on 29 January 2018.

Contact Details

Where: Upstairs at the Living and Learning Centre 180 Longueville Rd Lane Cove
Email: [email protected]
Phone: David on 9427 4747 or 0416 032 980


Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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