Lane Cove Local Author Releases a Fast Paced Teen Novel

Burns Bay Bookery is brilliant at supporting local authors.  They have given a leg up to numerous local authors in Lane Cove.   They are now stocking Aim the first book in a trilogy by local author Pamela Rose Castle (P.R. Castle).  It’s a book your teen (and quite possibly you as well) will want to read.

Aim is an adrenalin-filled sci-fi and detective novel that explores the notions of physical and mental freedom and the choices we face around it.

The trilogy, set in Sydney, follows the perilous journey of two sisters, Subject A and Subject B, who have spent their lives inside a secret lab as victims of cruel experiments by a man they know only as “the Professor”.

The experiments leave them both with special powers they are yet to fully harness. Subject A has the power to read minds and Subject B the ability to melt into liquid form. After their escape, the sisters deal with their painful past in different ways. While one sister tries to understand the people around her whose emotions she feels as closely as her own, the other sister is haunted by the lab and her desire for revenge.

Aim has been described as, ‘If Stranger Things and Divergent had a baby.’ Although written for teens, its fans include adult readers. On one level, Aim is a fast-paced adventure of escape and survival, and on another, it is an emotional and psychological exploration of freedom and what makes us human.

Castle says the inspiration for this compelling trilogy was her fascination with the relationship between freedom and choice. The characters are ostensibly free from the lab but find themselves imprisoned by the experience. The sisters soon find out that escaping captivity doesn’t always set you free…

Pick up Aim, the first of The Subjects trilogy, from Burns Bay Bookery in Lane Cove.  Burns Bay Bookery is located on Burns Bay Road (in the same shops as BWS and La Provence Espresso Bar)

Facebook:  @prcastle

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