Lane Cove Traffic Flow

    Have you noticed that it is taking longer and longer to drive along Longueville Road between Austin Street and Epping Road?

    There are two main causes for the bottleneck:

    • More people turning right into Central Avenue; and
    • Delays at the Pedestrian Crossing.

    Central Avenue

    Since the closure of Rosenthal Avenue car park, more people are using the Little Street Car park.  To access the Little Street Car Park you must turn either left or right into Central Avenue.  People turning right hold up the traffic as you cannot pass the turning car due to cars being parked near the library.  Lane Cove Council needs to review this section to see what they can do to ease the traffic blockage.

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    Pedestrian Crossing on Longueville Road

    Do you remember when there used to be a sign at the Pedestrian Crossing which said: “Pedestrians Cross in Groups” (like the sign below).  This sign was removed.  ITC has tried to find out why the sign was removed but so far no explanation has been forthcoming from the Lane Cove Council.  One ITC follower suggested we need a lollypop attendant (like at school pedestrian crossings).   If you observe the behaviour of pedestrians at this crossing, it is scary the number of times people who just walk out onto the crossing without even looking to see if cars have stopped.  The Lane Cove Council needs to address this issue to assist in traffic flow.

    River Road West

    Many people have complained to ITC about the traffic delays on River Road West due to only one or two cars being parked on River Road during morning peak period.  This is the case between Fox Street and Morrice Street.  Many more cars are parked between Penrose Street and Bridge Street.

    The Lane Cove Traffic Advisory Committee discussed the proposed installation of ‘No Parking, 6:30 am – 9:30 am Mon-Fri’ zone on the northern side of River Road West, Lane Cove, between Fox Street and Morrice Street. They decided that the installation of ‘No Parking, 6:30am-9: 30 am Mon-Fri’ zone will facilitate uninterrupted traffic flow in the morning peak hours along the road and improve the public safety of pedestrians and motorists.

    The committee also discussed whether there should be ‘No Parking’ restrictions during evening peak hours on the southern side of the street. The Committee will consult local residents about the proposal of ‘No Parking’ during evening peak hours on the southern side of River Road West and present the matter to the future Traffic Committee meeting.

    Centennial Avenue and Burns Bay Road

    The RMS believe they will increase traffic flow by implementing clearways on Centennial Avenue/Burns Bay Road from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends and on both sides of the road during peak hours? Try and use Charlish Park on the weekend!! People will park in side streets. The RMS is forcing clearways on Lane Cove residents because they want them standardised throughout Sydney (but Military Road has different hours for clearways).  The biggest issue impacting traffic flow in that area is the lights at Penrose Street and Burns Bay Road.  The RMS has no plans to look at this intersection.  You can find out more about the RMS’s plans here.

    How do you think we can improve Lane Cove traffic flow?

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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