Lane Cove Week in Review 19th to 25th March 2018

Welcome to our Week in Review.  Plenty of community action this week.

Centennial Avenue and Burns Bay Road Clearways

The clearways came into action on Monday this week.  The RMS was very quick to remove any cars parked in the clearways.  The RMS was also patrolling the streets on the weekends.

NSW Shadow Roads Minister Jodi McKay MP joined local residents and Councillor Andrew Zbik to talk about traffic issues along Burns Bay Rd & Centennial Ave.

The residents wanted to make it clear they were not against clearways on Burns Bay Rd and Centennial Ave.  However they were agaisnt clearways being implemented just to keep the clearway times consistent with other Sydney roads.

The group is against:

1) Excessive clearways hours based on traffic numbers that don’t warrant the operation of clearways elsewhere in Sydney.

2) That community feedback asking for an additional left turn lane at Penrose Street into Burns Bay Rd have been ignored.

3) That community feedback asking for right turn signals at the Fig Tree & Barwon Rd traffic signals have been ignored.

4) That community feedback for a pedestrian crossing at Oak Ave & Gentle St have been ignored.

Ironically, residents reported increased traffic this week.  Clearways were in place but not for buses!!  Buses park on the road until they are needed. (See our cover photo)

Proposed Northwood Shops Redevelopment

An overflow meeting of local residents on Thursday night demanded the rejection of a planning proposal that would permit a massive development at the Northwood shops.
The meeting of well over 100, at the Lane Cove Country Club, heard strong protests against feared harmful impacts of the proposed development on the community including dangerous traffic build-ups, rat runs, parking nightmares and bushland encroachment.
Speakers said the proposal would permit a development on one of the most dangerous intersections in Lane Cove, placing aged residents at great risk.
The Longueville Residents Association and the Northwood Action Group jointly hosted the meeting.

The meeting called on the Lane Cove Council and on State Government authorities including the Department of Planning and the Environment to reject a developer’s proposal to build 130 aged care units and 750 square metres of retail space on Northwood Rd, at Blaxland’s Corner.

The planning proposal if approved will permit a building of up to six storeys in an area zoned for two-storey construction. The developer, Pathways Property Group has applied for four variations to the planning restrictions to allow for their development. Lane Cove Council last year unanimously rejected the application but the Northern Planning Panel, under the Department of Planning, overturned that decision and directed the council to proceed with an exhibition of the proposal.

The mayor of Lane Cove, Pam Palmer, addressed the meeting on council’s vision for the Northwood shops precinct. Other councillors and a representative of the Minister for Planning and the Environment, Anthony Roberts, who is MP for Lane Cove, attended.
Speakers attacked the proposal for its lack of regard for local residents and asserted that the site was inappropriate for aged care accommodation. Many disagreed strongly with a traffic report made for the developer which claimed the development would generate little or no extra traffic.

The meeting asked Mayor Palmer to request council to commission an independent traffic report.

Council’s public exhibition of the proposal is open until April 19. The council will receive public submissions on the proposal up until then. Submissions should be sent to [email protected]
To contact the Longueville Residents Association email [email protected]. To contact the Northwood Action Group email [email protected]

Temporary Closure

Akira LaneCove will be closed for the next 3 weeks due to work being done on their kitchen. It will be re-opening on 9 April.

Car Vandalism

A car parked in Austin Street was egged and spray painted this week.  Cars were egged and spray painted in Sutherland Street a few weeks ago.

Celebrity Spotting

This week, supermodel Elle McPherson was spotted grabbing a cup of coffee from About Life.

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