Update on Longueville Road/River Road West Lane Cove Intersection

    You may be aware that In the Cove has been writing letters to the RMS, the Lane Cove Council and our local member the Hon. Mr Anthony Roberts requesting action be taken on the dangerous “Diddy” intersection.

    Our Local Member applied for Black Spot funding to fix up this intersection.  On 22 March 2018 the RMS wrote to the Lane Cove Council and asked:

    We would appreciate it if Lane Cove Council could review and assess this nomination accordingly as part of the 2019/20 Australian Government Black Spot Programme and NSW Government Safer Roads Program.

    How ridiculous is this?  The Lane Cove Council has on numerous occasions written to the RMS and asked them to fix up this intersection.  This is an example of the silo approach taken by Government departments where one division does not talk to the other.  It is also ridiculous when you consider the following RMS communication to ITC.

    RMS’s Response to ITC’s Questions

    The response  from an RMS Media Spokesperson was:

    Roads and Maritime Services is seeking funding for proposed improvements to traffic lights at the intersection of River, Northwood and Longueville roads at Northwood and is continuing to work closely with Lane Cove Council. (ITC emphasis)  14 Feb 2018

    RMS Response to ITC in October 2017

    On 21 October 2017, an RMS Media Spokesperson advised ITC:

    Roads and Maritime Services is continuing to work closely with Lane Cove Council to develop a proposal to improve the visibility of the signals at the intersection of River Road, Northwood Road and Longueville Road at Northwood. The Community will be kept informed as plans progress.

    So RMS is working with the Lane Cove Council on this intersection, yet they need the Lane Cove Council to assess the situation.

    Let’s hope the Lane Cove Council quickly responds to this request.

    Meanwhile, another accident occurred this week.  These accidents have been notified to ITC since 1 January 2018

    14 January 2018
    5 February 2018
    21 February 2018
    2 March 2018
    14 March 2018
    29 March 2018

    This dangerous intersection is also the possible site of an aged care facility.  If you want to object to this development, you can read more about it here.

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]