Lane Cove Week in Review 15th to 21st April 2018

Welcome to our week in review.

Mysterious Quad Bikes

The most asked question this week was:  What are those quad motorcycles doing in Lane Cove (pictured above)?  Thank you to Councillor Daniel Strassberg (an avid reader of ITC) for telling us the Lane Cove Council were conducting the annual street and footpath survey.

Chaos in Woolworths

This week started with absolute chaos at Woolworths on Monday afternoon.  Woolworth’s systems were down nationwide and they could not use their cash registers.  Apparently, it was very busy at Coles Lane Cove.  You can read about this here.

Rosenthal Avenue Carpark

An ITC follower asked why is the viewing panel on the Rosenthal Car Park Development now obscured by a sign.

ADCO advised:

ADCO intend reinstating a viewing panel a bit further down, most likely in front of the Birdwood café, in the coming week. Along with this viewing panel will be a set of 4 speed humps in the lane way.

For you reference and context, the current perspex panel was installed at the request of RMS so drivers could see behind that corner of the laneway and see if there were any pedestrians behind the hoarding of that corner. It soon became a valuable viewing panel for the community which ADCO support and would engage with the community on daily basis. However after noting the speed and frequency cars were driving down the Lane way, we thought it would be safer to create a viewing panel away from the laneway corner and install some speed humps to encourage the 10km shared zone that the laneway now is.

Snakes Still About

This week an In the Cove roving reporter spotted a red belly snake at Blackman Park. This warmer weather means snakes are still about – be careful during school holidays.  You can read more about snakes in lane cove here.

Business Changes

The Cake Man – Lane Cove is under new management. They also have one of the best Baristas in Lane Cove working for them – Sean. So pop in and say hi to Michelle and the gang. Please support our local businesses.

This is a bit exciting. 9 degrees Alexandria climbing centre has applied for a DA in Lane Cove West.

So many great activities are now in Lane Cove West including Carlile Swimming.

Car Break-Ins

Cars were broken into in First Ave during the week.  The only thing that was stolen was a pair of running shoes.   The shoes were left a pottery green and a roving reporter advised ITC – the owners were reunited with the shoes.

Accident at the Diddy Corner

On Sunday afternoon there was another accident at the Longueville/Kenneth/River Road West corner. There were only minor injuries.


Find out what is happening in Lane Cove on ANZAC Day.  There will be the ceremony, 2 Up and more. Click here.

Mothers Day Guide

In The Cove has put together a list of great gifts for mum available in Lane Cove – find out more here.

School Holidays

If you looking for some organised activities, check out our Lane Cove School Holiday Activity Guide here.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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