Lane Cove Week in Review 13th May to 19th May 2018

    Welcome to our week in review.

    Lane Cove Residents Labelled NIMBYS

    In this week’s Sydney Morning Herald, Awais Piracha, Associate Professor of Urban Planning at Western Sydney University, called Lane Cove “NIMBY land”.  He is of the view that Lane Cove as an area has hosted less development than those in the west and south-west of Sydney.  You can read more here.

    More Power Outages

    Lane Cove West and Riverview residents are sick of the regular power outages.  There was a power outage last Friday and this Friday.  ITC investigated why this area was so prone to power outages last year.  Ausgrid advised that the leafy area means there will be more power outages.  You can read more about this here.

    New Digital Display in Lane Cove Plaza

    The Lane Cove Council has installed a temporary Digital Display in the Lane Cove Plaza. It is to alert residents to the fact that you can help name the park that is being built on top of the new Rosenthal Avenue Buildings and Car Parks. You can find out more here 

    The New Name for the Lane Cove Club has been Revealed

    Get ready to be wowed by the transformation to the Lane Cove Club. It is being extensively renovated and has been renamed The Alcott.  Former Sake Head Chef Richard Slarp, has been appointed as Head Chef and will deliver a fresh Mediterranean menu. It will seat 250 people and we are sure the function rooms will become a Lane Cove Hub.

    Spritz Bar anyone? Yes, there will be a spritz bar at The Alcott.  An exact opening date has not been announced.  Like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their plans.

    Four Frog Crepiere to Open on 29 May 2018

    Four Frogs will be opening next week.  You will be wowed by the traditional French Crepes.  You can find out more about them here.

    Lane Cove North is the Place to Buy

    According to a recent Domain article, house prices have dropped in Lane Cove North and it is good value to buy there now.  Find out more here.

    More Complaints About Noise in the Lane Cove Library

    Yet again the North Shore Times published a letter to the editor where a Lane Cove resident was complaining about the noise levels in the Lane Cove Library.  The resident was noting that there were double standards.  She was not allowed to write her crossword answers on the Library’s newspaper but others were allowed to run around and be noisy.  You can find out more about the Library policies here.

    Tom Gleeson Calls Lane Cove Boring Again

    He’s at it again! Tom Gleeson is maintaining the rage and has again called Lane Cove Boring. Put your money where your mouth is Tom and come to Lane Cove and do a gig. You can hear his comments on this podcast (at the 14.03-minute mark).  You can read our article about his remarks last year here.

    Upcoming Events

    Join in the attempt to break a world stargazing record this week on 23rd May 2018.  The 1st Tambourine Bay Sea Scouts will be holding an event – more details here.  The Greenwich Sailing Club is also holding an event.

    Join In the Cove for a cup of coffee at Jack & Co Northwood’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 24 May 2018.  We will be there at 11.00 am and would love to shout you a cup of coffee.

    High Tea

    Purchase any item over $60 at D’S Damat Australia (located on Longueville Road) and you will be booked into  The High Tea Garden   (opening in July 2018) for scone and coffee or scone and tea treat.

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