Lane Cove Week in Review 20th to 26th May 2018

It was a HUGE week in Lane Cove.  The Lane Cove Council announced its citizenship and neighbor awards, thousands of people flocked to Lane Cove for a free Burrito and Lane Cove residents help set a world record.

Lane Cove Citizenship Awards

Lane Cove’s Annual Citizenship Awards were held on Wednesday 23 May 2018 to recognise some amazing Lane Cove residents and their achievements. Nineteen recipients were Awarded a Citizenship Award. It was fitting that the awards were held during National Volunteer Week.

Husband and wife team Amanda Harrison and Frank Hamersley were named Lane Cove Citizens of the Year. Amanda convenes the annual Greenwich Village Arts Trail which last year involved a record 26 artists participating in the open studio weekend. Frank is President of Greenwich Sports Club, is heavily involved in the local Scouts and together with Amanda, they are long-time volunteers with Lane Cove Swim Club.

You can read all about the awardees here.

This year the awards also included Neighbour Day Awards.  These awards recognised neighbours who make a difference in their streets (including one neighbor whose actions saved her neighbour’s life).  You can read about these great neighbours here.

Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez Lane Cove opened on Thursday this week and people lined up and lined up for a free Burrito.  At one stage the line was back to Coles. They gave away 4,182 burritos!

New World Record

Well done to everyone who participated in the World Star Gazing Attempt at the Tambourine Bay Scouts Hall.  One Hundred and Eighty Lane Cove locals help break the stargazing world record at Tambourine Bay.  There was also an event at the Greenwich Sailing Club.

The ABC confirmed more than 40,000 people simultaneously observed the moon through telescopes for 10 minutes on Wednesday night, eclipsing the previous record set by the ANU in 2015 of 7,960 people.

Everyone said the night was so much fun – what is another world record Lane Cove residents could attempt to break?  Email us at [email protected] with your suggestions.


Signs Removed

ITC  wrote an article about the Lane Cove Traffic Flow recently and suggested steps needed to be taken to improve the traffic flow on Longueville Road at the pedestrian crossing near Westpac. The Lane Cove Council installed some signs asking pedestrians to cross in groups. The signs “turned up” at the council chambers last week.  Obviously, someone did not agree with the signs.


Harassment in the Streets

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article about young girls being harassed and the harassment hot spots. One of the young girls interviewed in the article told the SMH about an experience in Northwood.

Nature in the Lane Cove Village

One of our roving reporters, Adam, spotted this Tawny Frogmouth near the Lane Cove Library. Some of you may remember that last year people were complaining about an alarm sounding all the time in Lane Cove North – turned out it was the Tawny Frogmouth – you can read about it here.

Lane Cove Power Outage Caused by a Bat

Last week’s power outage was caused by a bat flying into powerlines. ITC has been tracking the reasons for power outages since Jan 2017, you can read our findings here.

New Business Alert

Two new businesses are going into the 102 – 104 Longueville Arcade. Word on the street is a florist shop on one side and a flooring shop on the other – we will, of course, let you know when we find out more.

The Lodge is getting a facelift and new name. It will be called Louisiane and will serve Grounds of Alexandria coffee.

Pedestrian Hit by Truck on Longueville Road

This week, a pedestrian was attempting to cross Longueville Road (near the Central Avenue intersection).  He was hit by a vehicle, his injuries required a trip to the hospital, luckily it was not a fatality.

Donate Your Bras

Please keep your unwanted bras/bras you no longer use or need (they should be in good condition) – from crop tops to sleeping bras, feeding bras, sports bras, no bra is too big or too small! Local resident, Sophie Cole, is doing a bra drive in conjunction with the Uplift Project to raise much-needed bras for communities that don’t have access to them. Did you know – bras contribute to a woman’s physical well being & health plus self esteem.
Bras for the young and old and everything in between are desperately needed so please hang on to them and drop them into the bra box on the doorstep of 13 Joseph St Lane Cove.

Upcoming Events

Lane Cove likes to volunteer.  Results of the 2016 Census reveal that 25% of Lane Cove residents volunteer in some capacity.  It could be at your local sporting group, scout group, school, meals on wheels or Rotary.  This is pretty impressive as the NSW average volunteering rate is 18%.

In the Cove knows you like to volunteer.  We regularly are asked about local volunteering opportunities.  You can attend the Lower North Shore Volunteer Expo on 31st May 2018.  More info here

We are so lucky to have such great support from local businesses. The Beautician is offering ITC followers for the month of May an exclusive offer. Call them on 9420 8880 to take advantage of this exclusive offer – which runs out on 31st May 2018.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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