Traditional French Crêpes In Lane Cove

Four Frogs Crêperie Lane Cove has officially opened and Lane Cove is loving it.

Four Frogs adds and extra dimension to the Lane Cove dining scne.  It’s more than just a French restaurant. It’s a real French Crêperie, with full table service.  Owned and operated by four French Men (hence the Four Frogs), Four Frogs Crêperie is the home of authentic French Crêpes in Sydney and now Lane Cove.

You can indulge in sweet and savoury French Crêpes.  You will know exactly what ITC is talking about if you’ve had the chance to eat at one of their other restaurants located in Mosman, Randwick and Circular Quay.

What makes Four Frogs Crêperie crêpes special is they use traditional recipes and techniques used by the skilled crêpiers of Bretagne (the region in which Crêpes come from in France).

The guys behind Four Frogs moved to Australia and loved our lifestyle, climate and the people.  The one thing they could not find was excellent crêpes.

In France, they love their crêpes: sweet for dessert, and savoury (they are called galettes) for a delicious meal, with a glass of cider or wine and some good company. They’re always made to order and are natural, fresh and delicious.  To replicate this experience Four Frogs Crêperie was established.


Meet The Founding Chef (Frog)

Their founding chef and owner Florian Guillemard was born and raised in Bretagne, the region in France where the crêpe originates. He’s passionate about replicating the traditional recipes and experiences offered by the authentic Bretagne crêperies found in his hometown.

He is often seen at his other restaurants and he will be visiting Lane Cove on a regular basis. He would love you to say Bonjour.

A “Fraussie” Touch

The French crêpes are traditional, but have been adapted to suit our Aussie tastebuds. In France, it’s unlikely you’ll find crêpes with bacon and egg or spinach and feta!

Yet on the Four Frogs Crêperie menu you’ll find traditional French favourites, Australian-influenced dishes and the Frogs’ own special creations.

The menu offers a wide range of galettes, from the simple “complete” to the self-indulgent “tartiflette”, with lots of healthy, gluten-free and vegetarian options. The dessert crêpes are all delicious and made with the most popular ingredients such as Nutella, strawberries, home-made salted caramel, Belgian chocolate, whipped cream, etc. Four Frogs suggests you sip a traditional French cidre with your meal.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner. Open all day long.

You may not know that crêpes aren’t just a breakfast treat in France. They eat them throughout the day – especially for dinner. They love to take their families out for dinner and enjoy a delicious galette (or two) followed by a sweet crêpe. If you’ve never eaten a crêpe for dinner, Four Frogs would love you to try it for the first time with them!

The Lane Cove crêperie is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays (except Monday) and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the weekends. View the menu here.

You Must Try the Galette

Four Frogs are particularly proud of their galettes and they have worked hard to bring their unique taste and quality to Sydney.

These savoury crêpes are created using their own traditional recipe, but what makes them extra special is the highly nutritious buckwheat flour which is milled in their stores.

Milling the flour in the store maximises the taste, freshness and nutritional content of the buckwheat – which means you’re eating authentic galettes just like the ones the grandmothers of Bretagne used to cook.

Their chefs also cook using free range eggs, “fleur de sel” (hand-harvested sea salt, also known as the “caviar” of sea salts), and a touch of something secret. Bon appétit!


Their French Crêpes

Their sweet French crêpe recipes are thin and crispy on the edges, and soft and light in the middle.

Free range eggs, organic home-milled wheat flour, fleur de sel, raw sugar and quality farmer’s milk combined with rich homemade chocolate and salted caramel sauces, freshly whipped cream and ripe fruit bring a fusion of delectable flavours to choose from.

Four Frogs Coffee

Four Frogs knows Lane Cove loves their coffee.  You will not be disappointed with the Four Frogs Coffee – a unique blend that reflects the Four Frogs values and taste.  ITC has heard from some serious coffee drinkers that they are loving the coffee.

They work closely with a local micro-roaster to produce a full-bodied, rich coffee with a lasting chocolate aftertaste that goes perfectly with their French crêpes.

ITC looks forward to seeing you at Four Frogs.


Contact Details

Address:  115 – 119 Longueville Road NSW (next to Eyes on Lane Cove)
Facebook: @fourfrogscreperie
Instagram:  @fourfrogscreperie
Email:  [email protected]
Licensed:  Beers, Wines, Cider, Champagne and Premium Spirits
Opening Hours
Tuesday            11 am till 9.30 pm
Wednesday       11 am till 9.30 pm
Thursday          11 am till 9.30 pm
Friday               7.30am till 10 pm
Saturday           7.30am till 10 pm
Sunday             7.30am till 9.30 pm
Monday            Closed

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