Lane Cove North Residents – One Step Closer to the New Mindarie Park

    In August last year ITC reported the Lane Cove Council (LCC) had reached an agreement with the NSW Government for LCC to acquire six properties in Pinaroo Place, to allow the expansion of the existing park at the corner of Kullah Parade and Mindarie Street.  The new park would be approximately 6,300 sqm.

    This was great news for Lane Cove North. You only have to drive down Mowbray Road to see the number of new apartments and the influx of new families to Lane Cove North.

    Community Consultation

    In September and October 2017, LCC asked for community feedback on a concept design for the proposed park.

    The community consultation process revealed residents wanted the following:

    • Retention of existing trees;
    • Outdoor fitness equipment;
    • Toilet block with change table;
    • Open lawn area for active recreation;
    • Separate areas for different age groups;
    • Outdoor classroom;
    • Multi use games area;
    • Path to accommodate bikes and scooters;
    • Picnic settings, barbeques and bubblers;
    • Shade to play areas where not already under the canopy of existing trees; and
    • Off leash dog area.

    Lane Cove Council incorporated the community feedback received into a revised Landscape Master Plan. The plan includes all of the above with the exception of an off-leash area. The plan does not include any separate shade structures as LCC is of the view that the tree canopy will provide sufficient shade for the separate play areas.  This is quite a controversial omission.  The same rationale was used for the new Hughes Park in Lane Cove West.  Unfortunately, the trees do not provide enough shade and shade structures were installed.

    Naming the Park

    Lane Cove Council asked local residents to suggest some names for park.

    The following suggestions were received:

    • Ngara Place (From the Aboriginal Heritage Office) which is the Sydney language for Look (Ngara);
    • Landers Park, named after the founding family of the area;
    • Tranquillity Park;
    • Mindarie meaning “the place near which is held a ceremony” or “green water”; and
    • The Park of the North.

    From these suggestions, LCC chose the name Mindarie Park due to its positive aboriginal name and its association with the existing playground area located on Mindarie Street.

    Funding the Park

    Yesterday, Member for Lane Cove and Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts announced that in addition to the land deal mentioned above the NSW State Government will contribute $1 Million towards the planning and designing of the new Park.  The additional funding is from the Accelerated Open Space and Parklands Program implemented by the Office of Open Space and Parklands.

    Mayor Pam Palmer told ITC that LCC had budgeted $3 Million towards the design and construction of the new park.  However, a quantity surveyor’s report estimated that the more likely cost is in the region of $4 Million.  The money contributed by the State Government will ensure that comprises will not be made to the approved design.  This is really good news as at one stage LCC did discuss whether they should scale the project back.

    The State Government funding means Lane Cove Council can get underway with the first stage of this exciting park sooner than anticipated.  This is great news for Lane Cove North residents (and in particular the Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association).  The SBCRA has been fighting for a new park in Lane Cove North since 2013.

    Commissioner of Open Space and Parklands, Fiona Morrison told ITC that the new inclusive playspace in Mindarie Park will align with the Everyone Can Play in NSW guidelines. These guidelines offer a new standard of design by catering for all people, including disabled and abled bodied children and their carers.

    Lane Cove Council expect to “break ground” in Spring.  Mindarie Park will have:

    • Off-street parking;
    • Table tennis;
    • Play equipment;
    • Full size basketball court (at last). This will mean two full sized public basketball courts in Lane Cove as one is currently being constructed at Kingsford Smith Oval;
    • All abilities access toilet block;
    • Serpentine walking path;
    • Multi use open lawn area;
    • Meeting circle/outdoor classroom;
    • Multi use platform/stage;
    • Picnic shelter, table setting and barbeque;
    • Pump track for skateboards, scooters and bikes;
    • Multi use games area;
    • New turning facility; and
    • Potential community garden

    Cover Photo Example of equipment for installation in an inclusive playspace in Mindarie Park

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