Lane Cove Mum launches The Trolley Bag Project

Lane Cove has always taken a leadership role in relation to environmental matters.  The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group has been at the forefront of many initiatives that are now common place.

Lane Cove local Hannah Pickering has now launched the Trolley Bag Project.  We asked Hannah to tell us all about her project.

What is the Trolley Bag Project?

The Trolley Bag Project is a sustainable bag and reusable material initiative that I really hope will help make a change to the way we incorporate single use plastics in our day to day lives. By using recycled material, I am able to provide really affordable reusable and unique shopping bags that attach to any trolley, beeswax food wraps and fruit/veg storage bags for a more sustainable grocery shop/ food storage and lunchbox use. As a mum of three, my biggest goal is to make sure my kids learn how to live sustainably and make small doable changes that collectively make a big difference to the world we live in.

Why Did You Start the Trolley Bag Project?

I was motivated to start the Trolley Bag Project by my love of op shopping and recycling materials.  When you’re shopping with three kids you need all your hands free. I wanted a bag that would clip on a trolley that was strong and environmentally friendly so I could chuck my plastic bags away for good.


The beeswax wraps idea was born while packing lunchboxes for my eldest daughter Maddy who goes to Mowbray Public School. I use cotton fabric and beeswax in its purest form which has natural antibacterial qualities. Wax doesn’t hold smell so hello smelly sandwich!
I also use a few drops of 100% organic Jojoba oil which also contains natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  To wrap up you food you use the warmth of your hands for 5 -10 seconds over what it is your covering. They can be cleaned by using cool water and gentle soap if needed, alternatively just a wipe down is fine and then hang to dry or pat dry. To refresh your wrap simply put it between two pieces of baking paper on a flat surface and iron the wax back in. If cared for properly the beeswax wraps will last up to 3 – 6 months.  You may have seen beeswax wraps in shops.  These wraps might be “sticker”, however some manufacturers have started incorporating a tree rosin powder in their wraps. This powder is also used for violin strings and dance/gymnastics as a grip powder. I have chosen not to use this in my wraps.

MPS have a brilliant no waste policy for lunch boxes which is making such a difference to towards making sustainable packaging normal for our kids. MPS Parents and Citizen Association have been so supportive of The Trolley Bag Project.  We are currently working together to launch affordable beeswax wraps for all Mowbray school families for as little as a gold coin donation. This is all part of Plastic Free July 2018.  Our vision is to get all our kids to try out reusable wraps and understand the impact that a small difference can make to our environment. I am also making wraps and sending them all over Australia and even to NZ for a gold coin donation or a small 3 pack for $6. It makes it an affordable thing to try out for people which is so exciting.

How Do Lane Cove Residents Become Involved?

Lane Cove Residents can take the following steps:

  • Follow the @trolleybagproject on Facebook;
  • Check out my Facebook shop here;
  • Follow the @thetrolleybagproject on Instagram;
  • Talk to your kids about ways to reduce using single use plastics that are affordable and easy;
  • Every time you got to throw something in the bin or compost ask yourself – “is there a way to refuse, recycle or dispose of this item in a more sustainable way;
  • Take steps to learn how to recycle correctly;
  • Make each thing that you use last/live longer;
  • Check out the sustainability projects at your kid’s schools, daycares etc and talk to your kids about them and help out where you can.
  • Get involved with the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group (I have made contact with them and I am looking forward to working more with them); and
  • Live mindfully.

You will see that I charge only a small amount We can inspire others and our kids to make small and doable changes which collectively will result in big changes happening.

Please go to my Facebook Shop and look for the  ” I saw it on ITC” promo – a single small wrap for a gold coin, 3 small for $6 or a mix pack of a small, med and large $15.

Some of the products listed on The Trolley Project Facebook Shop

How Long Have You Lived in Lane Cove?

I moved to Lane Cove North in 2006 and I began working at Epitome cafe which was then opposite Bakers Delight in the Plaza. I had my kids locally at RNSH and settled in quickly with my local mothers group and fell in love with Lane Cove.  My eldest daughter Maddy went to preschool here at Happy Kids Kindergarten and then started at Mowbray Public School which has been amazing!

Lane Cove is the ideal place to raise kids! We’re so close to the city yet we still have the luxury of the gorgeous national park and are close to the city.

What is Your Favourite Thing To Do in Lane Cove?

My favourite thing to do in Lane Cove is hanging out in the plaza on the Village Green with my two boys Jakey and Ollie, catching up with my local friends, spending time in the national park with the family and my amazing hubby on the weekends. Oh and of course About Life! Our local for food and a bevvy is the Great Northern which is also where my hubby proposed!

My favourite Coffee shop is Mowbray Eatery– it’s a short walk, good coffee and a fenced in play area! Perfect to hang with my bubbas Jakey and Ollie after school drop off.

How Could Lane Cove be Improved?

Lane Cove could be improved by installing a right green arrow at the lights at Mowbray Road and Centennial Avneu! My only complaint! 💚♻

Hannah told ITC it does not matter whether you are an Eco angel that has nailed the perfect pantry and Eco utensils/ straws, jars, toothbrushes or a mainstream busy mum/ individual or couple using lots of plastics and wanting easy ways to reduce your output she wants to hear from you! Please share your finds and wins with her.  Message her via her Facebook page or Instagram page.

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